Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm a thief

Yes, I hardly ever post lately. This blog is about quality not quantity, and as school and work are keeping me very busy I havent had much to say. That emo Targen even called my blog dead on his- that bastard.
Anyway, I have something to say.
Im a thief.
Yes, I steal things, digitally.
John Ashcroft held a news confrence today announcing that the government is going to crack down on intellectual property theft. The prevaling press from large comapnies and the government in this case is that people who 'steal' moveies, music, and programs hurt the companies they steal from.
Well thats true. The big companies are finding out that they can no longer release crap from Madonna, Michael Jackson and the like and expect it to go gold just because of the name on the cover.
This hurts them dearly, and I could care less.
As for me, I cant stand popular music in America, so I wont be stealing any.
However, I have downloaded TONS of Japanese music over the past several years. Japanese albums that cost ~$35 a peice. (They cost that much in Japan, it isnt just an import fee.)
So I'm a thief.
But you know what? I also have PURCHASED over 30 Japanese albums at that price. I have discovered music I love that I would NEVER have heard any other way, through downloading.
The point has been belabored to death that internet sharing will become the media advertizing and distribution center of the future and that digital copies should be just as legal as the courts ruled their analog brothers in the past, so I wont bother.
I just wanted to relate a personal account that proves them wrong. Of course the RIAA probably hates me MORE, because I have freed myself from having to hunt for the least smelly of their crap to buy and listen to.
Im weeping on the inside for them, really....

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