Friday, July 02, 2004

It rules to be me ^^

Last nite was freaking GREAT.

Percy-san from the fourth floor threw a party that all of us on the second floor spent the week telling every Japanese girl we could find about, so it ended up being like 3 Jpanese girls for every gaijin. (yay!)
I finally busted out the bottle of duty free only Wild Turkey `Freedom` it was quite entertaining to watch Japanese girls drink 3 drops of 106 proof whiskey and spend 10 minutes complaining about it. Too bad I dont know NEARLY enough Japanese to tell them the secret of drinking. (no matter how much you drink all at once (a tiny bit or a huge gulp) it tastes the same)

But.... the International House kicks all guests out at 10pm, so we had to go.. we went down to the river (Kana-san gave me a partial ride on her bike but I got off cuz I think I was too heavy for her) and shot off fireworks. Fireworks (and gunpowder) are a Chinese invention, so they dont have any hang-ups about it here, basically, the Japanese get the basic concept that if you set something on fire or blow your hand off its because youre a dumbass, (americans seem to INSIST on blaming someone else for everything) so you can get them lots of places, including the 100 yen stores.

Anyway, after the river, I went to a reggae party with Marie-san, my conversation partner. It KICKED ASS, I was the only gaijin in the room. Drinks were weak, and Japanese djs SUCK (guy spent the whole time talking over the music, and apparently mixing is a foreign concept (trainwreck then trainwreck then trainwreck)
Still, I got some great pictures I`m sure all the guys will love. But I`m making you wait till sunday or monday.

Speaking of pictures, I put up a weeks worth in two albums yesterday, I`m not done commenting, but its all good. Go check em out.

Onsen episode!

Yes, yes, Ive been teasing about this for several days, so now I can finally tell you. Today Im going to Koga with Marie-san and her friend (Sayaki-san I believe, I can never hear in loud places) to stay with Fumie-san (another friend of Marie-san) and her family over night before I return home sunday. In the meantime, Im going to onsen tonight (Japanese hot springs) then Sunday a ninja dojo, which is apparently quite famous world wide, and then throw clay on a wheel before returning home tomorrow night.

Admit it, youre all jealous as hell ^^

On a bitter note, I think i finally KILLED all the batteries in my camera, and it seems to refuse to take regular AA bateries, even tho its designed to. So, Im hoping to get Johnathan to get me a power plug while I`m gone this weekend.

Another bitter note, right now I should be hurting my legs at a Japanese tea ceremony, that I was totally and completely awake for, but I lost track of time so I missed. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

eD : /server -m aniverse is going "chachacha" ;-) , so are another netweKs :P , well, hope u "ENJOyed" your parties and all that stuff u say u do ... well .. u do have pictures to proove everything :P ... t/c ... MrBallZ :P ... PS: get me some Ayu-chan Stuff ...

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