Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Finally learning Japanese

Well, finally had a day of class. First day was cancled because of the typhoon which kinda sucked but now we finally got to start.
Teachers seem nice and my conversation partner Natsumi Ninomi is very nice, I get to meet my other one tomorrow. Talking to her was the first time I really felt like I could communicate useful ideas in Japanese. I want to steal my roomate howards one too because she was helping me BUTCHER shodoo.(Japanese caligraphy) I was so bad she was holding my hand and drawing the strokes with it. I didnt really mind.

Yesterday was mostly spent in the tatami room watching anime, laying around and generally having a nice relaxing time. Mom and Dad, I expect my room to be carpeted in tatami by the time I get home.

Havent taken many pics, I frankly didnt expect to, probably be posting weekly and then tons on the weekends because thats when there are tours and more freedom to go out. As we only did hiragana today, and I believe its katakana tomorrow I dont feel much obligation to study. Im really bummed I missed a day of study, I want to eek out every ounce of learning I can.

Tonight will probably be quite as well, just going to hang out. Sorry not much to report but having exciting times is expensive :P

Link of the day

(because I know you missed em)
The Japan Times english Japanese newspaper, read all about the typhoon, and youll know more about it than me, I slept thru the intense part (Bummer I wanted to take pics!)

side note- V, are u alive, or did you already forget about me? you havent blogged either.
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