Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Japan day2

its 7am, tomorrow- from where most of you are anyway. Im officially psychic.

I`m also officially an insomniac, woke up at 4am wide awake and got up at 5:30 cuz I was bored

not quite sure how the day is going to go, may travel to Kyoto today or tomorrow, depending on train schedules (I have to be there by 3pm tomorrow)

I didnt do much last nite, just went for a walk, but I did take pictures!
and theyre on the galery now!
just go to the edamamebeans link on the right of the screen!

I am CRIPPLED by the fact I cant get my palm to charge, it is NOT a good thing because its my subway map (london has NOTHING on Tokyos underground) and my translator.

my times going to run out and I still have things to do so thats all for now!

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