Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Nihon ni ikimasu!

well, thats it, its 5:30 am and im leaving any moment for the airport.
now it all comes down to numbers

4 family members, 3 pets and 87 friends I love dearly and will miss.

7 - hours of sleep I've had in the past two days
17 - hours of plane flight to catch up on sleep

~100 - things I forgot to pack
~45 - days those things will sit quietly in my room until I return.

Last couple days here were a blast, a lot of it due to Jeannine. (who went to go see Hairy Potter with me last nite after I only begged for 2 days) It was a good sendoff, I'm sure theres probably people that dont want to see my face for awhile. ^^;;

Anyway, when next I report I will be in Japan. This should be interesting....

Links of the day

*there may be no links of the day while I'm in japan- deal with it*
Sumo! sites like this make me glad I thought up the site of the day. I think youl agree this needs to be shared.
3dna a strange 3d desktop program, while not exactally useful for everyday tasks, its kinda neat.
Icelandic! here, learn icelandic thru listening, click "HLUSTRA"
Japanese! IF only I found this sooner, I might actually know something about Japanese before I land in Japan.

thats it, now get the hell out of here- oh wait- I mean go to my website! :P

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