Friday, June 04, 2004


Today I went out and spent a bunch of money.

Went over to IACE and picked up my airline tickets and bought a japan rail pass for two weeks.
Asked that cute travel agent out, but she nicely shot me down, oh well, I tried.

Then I went over to an invredibly confusing and overpriced mall after wandering around for a couple hours, I ended up just buying a pair of jeans, 2 button down shirts, a tshirt saying "time is an invention" and a belt from the Gap (or as I call it 'the Gap between your ears') because I hate trying on clothes without someone there to help me (V-chan! help me next time!)

This week my friend Jeanine is on a whitewater rafting trip with her mom, so I'm taking care of her two dogs for the week, going over there at least once a day to feed and check up on them. I dont mind, but I feel bad when I leave, because you can tell theyre bored to tears, even on the first day. Doesnt help that im alergic to dogs so I cant pet them as much as I can tell they want.

Last nite I played Gunbound with PrincessV, we had been trying to get to gether to play for weeks. It's a fun game, it's a new-age remake of that old game of 2 "tanks" shooting at eachother over a hill that I used to play in 7th grade in my Basic programing class. Afterwards she generously bought me a hat for my character, now I look like I have a roach growing out of my head!!

Links of the Day

only one link today, since I havent gotten many good ones lately I'd rather keep up the quality than go for quantity.
Techtales for anyone whos a computer tech, or ever was, or wants to be, read this, it might illicit a career change :P

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