Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Continuing learning hiragana *snore* and now numbers *yawn* today
At least I think that I finally have the kanji for 10,000 solidified in my head, even tho were not even doing kanji yet (i was doing it to keep myself interested)

Tomorrow Katakana, which I will also be bored in. The conversation partners KICK ASS tho, it really makes me feel like I`m learning and also actually communicating worthwile ideas. I want to take one home with me for practice. ^^ Met my second one today, Marie Takahashi san. She was as nice as the other one. Still, ~30 mins at lunch isnt quite enough, I want more time to practice. I really need to learn vocabulary, theres always a word or 17 that I dont know how to say when I want to say something useful.

Johnathan san, my official translator, had a home tutor for about two years and is VERY good. He said it was about $120 a MONTH, I`m SO going to do that in the event I cant take a conversation partner home. ^^

Learned how to say a useful phrase today, kekkon shitte kudasai. I`d write it in hiragana but im pretty sure blogspot cant handle it.

aw screw it
けっこん しって ください。
I‘m about 90% sure that didnt work but oh well, Ive been needing to test.
Whats it mean? anoo....... wakarimasen ^^.


mom said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying. Frank has started to clean the garage. Can we throw away the CPU's you have again accumulated? I guess he's bored.
Oscar has taken to sleeping in our bedroom. Even comes on the bed and attempts to sleep.
Off to work now. Take care and love. M

Anonymous said...

hey dave, there are a bunch of pieces of wood that were probably from your old bed, i am going to keep those, becuase i am sure that you don't want them thrown away. i am just trying to get rid of all the junk and organize the tools and other random crap in the garage. anyways have a good one.

eD said...

the huge peice of wood in front of the garage is from my old bed, kill it please.
the smaller peices of wood id GUESS is from when i was building furniture, if theyre of the same type of wood that is blocking willie on the stairs they definately are
cpus in the garage? I think theres one in the far corner that can go, however any that are on top of the furniture are good computers (one is nikkis actually) so please dont toss them.