Wednesday, June 16, 2004

WELCOME to the wOOOrld of TOMOROW!!!

yes, I survived.
and yes, I`m here safe, but I dont think here will be here long considering that since my parents could never get me to respect a curfew im damned sure not paying for a 10:30 curfew, not to mention they close from 9am to 3pm. If I dont leave tokyo tomorow I`m going to find a nice hotel for the nite.

mom, dad,.. sorry, hope you read this, its 3am there and i cant figure out how to make international calls anyway.

I took some notes on the plane that I wanted to add here, and someday will, but my palm bateries are close to death and theres no way to charge them here, also I have to pay 100yen for 15minutes to type it.
suffice to say the plane ride was fine, tho delayed, then an hour bullet train (slowest bullet ever, we kept stopping on a nonstop) then some confusing subway antics (tokyo station is HUGE) that were alieviated by a very nice girl i chatted with on the train for a few, I think she enjoyed practicing her english tho. anyway here i am, for what its worth. and now im going to soak in teh public bath and then get some food before curfew.
i really did plan on staying out all nite tonite, but i think i could use a little rnr (NO IDEA where the and symbol is on this keyboard)
still- who knows, maybe a bath will revive me.

no links of the day, hi family, hi animals, hi jeanine, mina, adam, john, my clients, whoever had the missfortune to stumble upon this

and yes I know, this is by far the most ugly post I have ever made, but atm i really couldnt care.


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Anonymous said...

Hey David, it's Andrea, posting anonymously. Glad to hear you've ARRIVED. Harry says he's glad, too, though Oscar says, "you can go *#ck yourself" for leaving him with the little, pretty jerk.

Have a great time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do, but that's not too much ;)