Wednesday, May 12, 2004

damn lakers!

so, ive never been much of a baseball fan

in fact, i find baseball extreemly boring
i often say i was abused as a child because my father made me listen to baseball on the radio in the car

but we're originally chicagoans, and the cubs were in town playing to dodgers today
my dad got us all tickets and off we went
unfortunately they got their asses handed to them so we left in the 7th inning (after i had 5 $7 beers- hey, being a vegitarian there isnt much else nutrients there for me)

the only good thing about it was the whole game when they updated the lakers score they were down by 10
i kept yelling "GO SPURS!" my sister was convinced id get my ass kicked, but hey- all the lakers fans wouldnt be at tha game would they?

but on the way home the tide turned and that rapist and company won

anyway im about to go to bed

tomorrow i hope to get my ticket to japan!!! YAY!!!

smell ya later

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