Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Save the Children!

In case you all havent noticed, the world is a dangerous place.
Everyday we find we need more and more safety labels on things. "Coffee is hot." "Do not eat the chainsaw." Are all important warnings we too often overlook in our everyday lives.

I have long had an answer to this ever-growing problem. Someday, I hope to dedicate a foundation to seeing my vision fufilled, but for today I decided to reveal part of my multi-faceted plan to save the world from the dangers of itself.
This all came to a head when "kodex" mentioned part of the X Box Manual- which he was kind enough to send me a scan of to post here:

Now, most people know how big, awkward and heavy an X Box is. My plan can protect the children of the world from this danger and so much more, I have titled the non-profit-organization-to-be "NERF the World."
There are so many things NERFing the world can do for us. But for now lets focus on the imediate problem of the X Box.
If Microsoft were to cover the X Box in 3 inches of NERF, its danger from falling would be greatly reduced.
As an added bonus to Microsoft, besides indemnifying them from lawsuits, this will make it much harder to "mod" the system.
Which of course, would mean the only reason to buy an X Box would be gone. And wouldnt that make the world a better place for all of us.

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i hope you get diahera because you made me click on it >_<