Monday, May 31, 2004

Happy BeerBQ

Well its Memorial day.
A day off we can all barbque and drink.
Many say thats a crappy way to celebrate a holliday dedicated to our veterans and those who died in war. And of course being in a war, this one is extra important.

I dissagree. I think celebrating the american way of life by partying is the perfect way to celebrate what so many have fought and died for.
Just keep in mind why were able to celebrate.

Personally, im a vegitarian which means not much to barbque, and as I'm kinda sorta watching my figure I prob wont do TOO much drinking today.
Spent a TON of time on the website yesterday. Go check it out damn it. I run in 1280x1024 with icq glued to the side of my screen, putting me in an odd resolution to test websites. On the main comp I only have IE 6 (its a good browser damn it) but also have Knoppix running on another comp so I can test in Konqueror (Where my site looks crappy) and Mozilla (where it looks fine) So go to the site (I'm going to add the link to the top of the links at right as soon as I'm done with this post.) and leave some comments on how it looks for you, if there are bugs please tell me what page, what browser and what rez youre in. IF you use anything older than IE 5.5- then upgrade, I dont care about you.

Links of the Day

Everybody loves Hypno-toad!

See if you can figure it out, I cant.

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