Friday, May 28, 2004


Cant seem to shake the feeling of being tired today, once again got very little done.
Probably shouldnt even be posting, except for the fact that I've got SOO many LOTD's to share.

Still, between bouts of napping I did do some good work on my webpage, whos "site updates" are
beginning to give this blog a run for its money since I'm babling there too.
As always, the website is Since its still gloomy here in southern California, I still dont have a logo, but I put a pic up to save my site from its drabness anyway.
It may be pretty boring here the next few days, I'm thinking of taking the weekend off to rest and do little things. As of Tuesday, I'll have just two weeks before I leave for Japan and I have SOOO MUCH to do. (Why must I always slack till the last minute?)
Anyway, onto something hopefully entertaining- dont miss these!

Links of the Day! Do NOT miss this site, its the most interesting thing ive seen on the web in awhile. Click the Japanese at the top for the 'old' version and the japanese text just below it for the 'new' version. Both deserve thourough exploration.
Geeks who need real girlfriends- part1.
Geeks who need real girlfriends- part2.
Only on the internet. This guy will never have a girlfriend, hes too far gone.

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