Friday, May 21, 2004

Work, work, work, party, party, party!

No post yesterday, but I didnt promise you a daily blog did i?

Yesterday was a long day that really is just ending now.
I worked quite a bit, making my happy client even happier, then went off to turn in the rest of the paperwork to go to Japan. On the way home, I got a call from my friend Melody who is in town who wanted to go to the beach, so I took an hour to eat, shower and relax (bout 5 mins) and went to pick her up. We went to Laguna and walked around a bit before eating at Bj's Pizza because they have beer. Its always an agonizing choice between Bj's and Taco Loco. (no website, I looked)
I love Taco Loco's mushroom tofu burgers, but not having good beer on tap....

Anyway, just after we ordered Melody's friend called and we just couldnt make it back to her in time so we decided Melody would spend the nite and I would take her back to Chino (argh) in the morning.

Later we went out to The Yard House in search of her favorite Texas beer, Longhorn (er i think ^^;) they didnt have it, but we had a few beers anyway.

We stayed up talking till about 3:30 when she fell asleep quite comfortably on the couch (quiet you pervs) and I went to bed.

She woke up with a charlie horse at 7:30am, the same time I was getting up to drain the lizard and we were wide awake after that. So I took her out to breakfast then took her back to Chino. Almost fell asleep on the way home. >.<

So that was yesterday, and probably all of today as I'm quite tired. Had a bunch of things on my little calendar both yesterday and today that arent getting done, but at least I billed one of my clients. (You can tell I have a happy client, they called me to remind me I forgot to charge them for some hardware ^^)

Tomorrow I'm meeting Melody at Disneyland for the day. Should be fun

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Melchick said...

Lone Star, man. It's Lone Star. I'll ship you some when you return to the States. :)