Wednesday, May 19, 2004


*Ok, this is the SECOND time I'm writing this, no more using "blog this!" on the google toolbar >.<*

damnit damnit damnit damnit
Today I paid for my ticket to Japan, (not the bad thing!) $503 AFTER tax to go from LAX to Narita (Tokyo) airport and back. Dates are June 15th to August 2nd.

I didn't ask that cute travel agent out, not because I'm a wuss, I actually was looking and feeling good, but I've got a lot to do this weekend and fitting a date in might be hard financially and time wise. I will see her again, since I have to go pick up my ticket and buy the Japan Rail Pass for the last two weeks of my trip. I do feel sparks between us, but its hard to tell if its just how nice she is.

Then I took my poor neglected car in for a 4000 mile late oil change. I asked the guy to tell me what was leaking, which started about a week ago.

He said that it was my transmission pan gasket and if I went to this one place and told them he sent me it would be about $50. OF course once I get there and they put it on the rack they tell me that the FRONT of the transmission is leaking too, which means they have to fly out voodoo doctors from Zimbabwe and pray over the cursed seals AFTER removing the transmisson from my car, assuming its the seals, if its not it will be MUCH more expensive.
It also means I have to be without my car for TWO WEEKDAYS, not possible in my job. (for those who dont know im a computer consultant)When someone calls me its usually because they cant work. If i tell them "I'll be there in two days" theyre going to call someone else.

Oh ya, the Jiffy Lube guy also said my front tire is ripping.... >.<

So what was to be a perfect day now has a shadow cast over it.

Whatever, I'll still get up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hey, you keep up with this daily and near daily blogging! Believe it or not, I find it inspiring. I;m actually excited about updating mine these days even if the entry made is bland (lol, like tonights). HOpe you had a fun time with that red-headed chick =) see ya in chat land...
a crazy cat lady in florida
ps: sorry for the typos, but you know me well enought to know that typos does not ewqual that i'm stoopid not matter how bad the typos are! lol *hugs*