Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Stupid blog tricks and a long day

well this is the first post im going to try using theGoogle Toolbar so hopefully it wont be a problem. IF you dont know the google toolbar adds the only USEFUL toobar ive ever seen, giving you the power of google AND POPUP BLOCKING. If you have IE, get it.

it has been a long day, tho fruitful.
Got up early filled out a bunch of paperwork for my trip to japan that i have been slacking on, and drove all the way out to riverside to turn it in. On the way i stopped by a client who it turned out didnt need me by the time i got there, which was somewhat dissapointing.
paid $2.45 for gas and drove back after an hour filling out more paperwork at UCR and getting a 15 pg Japanese test that was designed to make sure those in the intermediate course belonged there- but us beginner course people need to take it too >.<

so i worked on the test for an hour and got to page 5..... then did some vaccuming and some cleaning up of my room.
i still have like 9 things i want to get done today, including having time to study japanese and work out a bit.

even tho a monster energy drink and a stacker 69 pill are keeping me buzzing im getting tired.
so we'll see what else i get done

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