Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a good day

Yesterday was fun.

Woke up early and played white knight to one of my clients computer problems. (Oh forgetful windows, thats a network card you have there..)

On the way there and back (far client, bout half an hour each way) I listened to an interesting audiobook about human psycology. Titled 'How to Get Anyone to do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again' its quite full of itself, but also full of interesting stuff in simple steps. If you have an mp3 player and find it enables you to get sick of music at a rate previously un-imagined, check out an audible account, its pretty cool. (Just check the book lists to make sure they have stuff you want first.)

Got home and decided to lay out in the sun for awhile while I listened to another audio book, 'The Art of Seduction' which is also quite interesting. (Hmm.. a theme in my books, new skill time I guess)

All sun charged and feeling good, I spent some time looking for a job, and called back an interesting offer to be a financial consultant for American Express.
It's probably not what I'm looking for, as I've heard its all comission based, but theres a certification you need that they give you 6 months to get, so if the hourly is good durring that time I may go for it as a tide-me-over. It's also stuff that I would like to learn for my own life. Interview-type-thingy (computer test on 'is it wrong to steal from companies?' and ~45 min description of job followed by possible interviews) tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

At night, went to Hennesys in Dana Point which I loved, big outdoor bar with a huge firepit. Kim and Jessica were there, Jessica just getting back from a week in Costa Rica. (JEALOUS!) Kim invited me to her 4th of July BBQ.

That ended early and we went to Freds cantina (not sure of exact name) on the corner of Main and PCH in Hunnington (Newport?) Beach. If you sample all 50 of their tequillas, you get a free trip to Cabo San Lucas. Couple catches tho, one being you can only do 5 shots a day, the other being the last 3 shots are $50, $85 and $150 each. They said that ya, youre buying your trip, but at least you're having fun doing it. I have to agree.
Marie and Danny, Jeannine's cousins were there, we played some pool and drank too much.

Today was also nice, did a little shopping and because of a 40% off sale, I now have Victorias Secret underwear. (they're boxers you pervs) I bet not too many guys can say that.

I also met a notible moron. Going to dinner with Jeannine, I parked next to a rather large truck with a pair of plastic nuts hanging off the trailer hitch, and of course a Texas liscence plate. We went in and Jeannine spotted him right away eating by himself. She asked what the heck that was, and he yelled out 'Nuts!' in a way that really needed a 'yuk yuk' after it.
Hmm, giant truck, WITH PLASTIC NUTS HANGING OFF IT? I usualy dont make these insinuations, but that just SCREAMS 'My big truck is a replacement for my tiny endowment'

Oh ya, and I didnt even have to use my AK.

Links of the day!

The Horror! I know some people who will be saddened by this, its good thats not my favorite part.
Amazon house party Pretty cool, if I'm around I'll def be there.
Breaking news! Adam sent me this while I was writing this, pretty damn cool but a bit expensive.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Best freudian slip ever

So last night I went out to the local bar (the one that hasnt burned down) with a few people that I really had only met a few times before, so it was slightly uncomfortable at times yet lots of fun.

ANYWAY, was talking with this girl for a minute and didnt think I had met her before, but with my bad memory I have to hedge my bets. She was attractive but I wasnt all ga-ga or anything, tho I dont think I came off that way... Dialouge follows.

eD: 'I dont think we've met before, I'm David.' (reaching out to shake hand, I'm such a dork)
her: 'No, we havent, I'm Jessica.' (shaking said hand, thinking what a dork I am)
eD: 'Jessica... ok, but I have to warn you I'm very bad with names, so please be with me'

er,,,, bear with me......

we both gigled about it a bit, it was completely unintentional but whatever, I'm sure she thinks it was what was on my mind.

They say the most important skill people learn is the ability to laugh at themselves. In my case its true. If I couldnt I woulda jumped off a cliff long ago.

In other news:
Thanks to Misty, another girl who I met last night and gave me her email, I will soon have one of those trendy rubber bracelets that everyone wears for their favorite cause (or more likely the cause they think will make everyone think good things about them) shes got GREEN ONES (I think theyre green, was a bit dark last nite...) and theyre for wellness, which will hopefully counteract my goodness and badness to even me out. :P

Video game geekiness- I got a GBA in the mail thru a forum trade yesterday. It was an orig Game Boy Advance, a 512mB romcart, and a usb linker, with other fun accessories, for $85 shipped. Mind you the rom cart alone is about $125. So what the hell is all of it? Simple, the linker plugs into your computer like a drive that reads GBA games and can copy them to the romcart which can hold about 4-10 games (Games range in size from 32mB to 128mB) meaning that I now have 1800 new games to play in my bathroom. (Brittneys dance beat in german here I come!)

I also bought Farcry today because my friend has been demanding I get it for about a month now and its on sale at bestbuy for $15 this week. I dont have the hard drive space to install it tho.....

Links of the day!

So sad to see you go.. oh wait, no it isnt.
Japanese 101 wonderful gramar site, tho it kinda throws a lot at you to start. (you can do it!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I spent all my money T-T

But I got lots of new clothes! ^_^

went to Robinsons May with Jeannine on sunday and spent far too much money. However I got good clothes and I've REALLY been needing to buy some nice clothes for awhile.

Also almost everything I got was on sale.

So now that I'm all pimped out, I need a date :P

Links of the day!

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