Saturday, August 28, 2004

a boat, a few girls and a new drink!

Yup, got back on the boat last nite, was a blast. Finally found a link for it too- here.
Looks like this is the last free weekend tho, after that its $15 but its worth it ^^.
Not being a dancer, I spent most of my time in the smoking section chatting with people. A couple girls were interesting. ^^ Both rubbed up against me at one point or another, one even wrapped her legs around me... twice... but ultimately I wasnt into either. So, the one kinda walked off after I ignored her with some other guy, at the end of the nite I was looking for Jeanine and saw her giving him her number. He shot me a look like 'haha I got it' and it was funny to watch his expression deflate after I instinctively shot back a 'so?' ^^

The other seems like a cool chick to hang with, real tough-girl, but at one point she pointed to every guy and said they were all pussies cept the guy she was talking to. She hesitated on me, and I gave her a look, but she said it anyway- I pretty much ignored her after that, but it wasnt like I was hurt, just havin fun. ^^

But the fun nite was also the result of my newest successful experiment!

Ive created a drink.
Everyone knows about Red Bull and vodka (dont you?) but while I like energy drinks, I'm not much for Red Bull. Since I've been back from Japan, I've discovered the new Rockstar double stregnth that are flavored like cola, but not as sugary. One of my favorite drinks is a scotch and coke, so I thought it natrual to combine the two.

Its really quite a drink. I ended up making it about 60/40 (favoring the scotch) by the end of the can and it was still quite good with no real bite, and It definately had the energizing aspect to it.

So take this as notice world! I trademark this drink today!!!
It's name? The Willie.

Named after my dog and because every drink name now seems to need SOME kind of sexual reference.

Hmm, there is a third girl, but she seems quite busy these days. Didnt see her last nite anyways. And shes prob the only one with even a slight chance of reading this. :P

Links of the Day!

Yup theyre back, but first a plug for my flatscreen, my ipod, and how you can get one.
I like to post links of people who have no life
And heres an admin that doesnt have a job anymore.
Just how christian are you?
and last but not least:
a movie that makes me never want to go to an anime convention again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ohisashiburi desu ne?

well school starts this week. My half-semester Monday Wednesday computer security class seems cool. And my Japanese 2 class is going to ROCK, cept theres NO GIRLS in the whole class. :P Oh well, guess theres nothing to do but study.
They switched to the Genki book, which is supposed to be the best, cept its not the book i used for Japanese 1 so I have some gaps to fill.

Reading blogs from IJP students is fun, esp when I find out I'm the 'annoying David'
Btw- you totally quoted me wrong.

Anyway, I see Melon pan is working on his free ipod thru me! Cool! Those of you who were skeptical about it because you didnt want to get me an ipod/flatscreen without getting yourself one, I've (actually my friend Zain) fixed things for you!

It's a 'conga line' you sign up at the top link, then give your link and you get in line to get on top. Act fast! the faster you are on it the more chance you have of getting your ipod/flatscreen!

good luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The News

YES! FINALLY DONE! All pics uploaded and commented on!
The gallery For those who have been keeping up, Week 5 and Week 6 are the new ones.
Theres some more commenting I want to do, but I'm satisfied for now.

Not much else goin on, got to hang out with Jason, his girlfriend and Greg for a bit on sunday night. Didnt go to Prospectors as usual.

Today I took the day off because I woke up with a headache which is still kinda lingering with me. Probably go out tonight as its Gregs last day here.
Not much else, sorry life is boring. Its about to get far worse when I start 22.5 units of school next week and start looking for a full time job.

Right now I've stolen my brothers laptop because for no reason whatsoever blogger wont let me use it from my own. (a freshly formatted winxp system, I blame blogger)

An important note on Hotmail blocks their confirmation email, so please make a yahoo account for the process. You want to make another account anyway as it will be spammed. For the offers, Real Rhapsody is $1, pretty cool to play with, and you can cancel in about 3 clicks and still get the rest of the month. The AOL and deals are free as long as you call to cancel but all need credit card #'s because theyre hoping you dont cancel. I still need referers that COMPLETE the offer- so go for it!

No links of the day today, their on my computer not this one. Blame

Mina you sexy thing, ditch work and come over! I need a checkup!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

this life is a hell of a ride

hi hi, im back, no still no pictures, please shoot me repeadedly till I put the video card in my TV computer to get the pictures off. Maybe Jeff can send Theresa over to hit me till I do it. My site also needs TREMENDOUS other work, but I'm far too busy/tired/lazy. (you choose) Hopefully Ill get to adding a links section here for all my friends blogs from IJP (Japan trip) theyre far more interesting than me.
Oh well its comforting to know now that now that Im back noone will read my blog again.
Lets see... Tuesday I went to my first hookah bar, quite interesting. I think I still prefer the ocasional cigar and they could REALLY use some leg room (or just drop the floors and do it Japanese style) But I met a bunch of cool people, at least briefly, including what seem to be some pretty cool girls. Turns out thats why we werent at a bar, theyre all under 21. (but isnt that how I like em?) Was kinda funny that me and Jeanine were the over 21's and sober, and all the under 21's were hammered.
Last nite was even better- got on Lydia's (damn Ive never seen her name in print before, probably butchered it) dad's boat and cruised the Newport bay for three hours drinking. Too bad it was mostly a dude-fest, but Jeanine was happy. On the 31'st Ill be ditching my second week of school (I believe Japanese 2- god help me)
to go on another cruise thats a "pijama party." Gonna wear my Japanese clothes, I dont think they would appreciate me showing up in my boxers. ^^;; (normal sleep wear)
Told Jeanine to invite the under 21 girls I met Tuesday, theyre the type that can make a party like that interesting ^^

Soon tho, my life will end. If I go for graduation this semester, Ill be taking 22.5 units (with Japanese 2 and another networking class I dont need to graduate) and I will be looking for a full time job soon. I should have started looking already, but Im really taking time getting into the swing of things after Japan, I realize I kept promising my body I would sleep for 2 weeks when I got back, and my body is taking me up on the offer wether I like it or not.
Not last nite tho, I fell asleep drunk in Jeanines bed. She was STUMBILIN, she was in no shape to drive. But it was like 3 blocks to drive from Lydia's house to hers so I did it. Got a good 4 hours sleep and here I am wide awake.

It wont last long, I know by noon Ill be passing out- but I havent seen Greg whos down from SF yet and I feel like a bastard because of it so its another marathon day.

I said before and durring Japan that I can sleep when I get home. I change my mind, Ill sleep when Im dead.

Links of the day

first, another shameless plug for myself but you too can benefit! go get yourself an Ipod and help me get one in the process. If you sign up, DO THE OFFER! Real Rhapsody is 99cents for the month and is actually pretty cool (wow they have Japanese music!) and even when you cancel you still get the rest of your month.
On to real links....
the case of the $95,000 This was a big news story years back but was covered up by stupid OJ. He did something we all wished we did and got rich because of it. Ten chapters long makes it an hour read but it just keeps getting better. Read the first page and youll agree.
Budweister email forget GMail, I know you all want!
A Darwin Award Some genius wanted to see the stars and decided taking bolt cutters to a streetlight (they DONT run on household level electricity) was a great idea. Apparently he wanted to be lit up like a christmass tree and live on the internet forever. Ok, so its not funny, but you know what? it is ^^

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

yes, yes, I lag

Ok, STILL no pictures. I know, its all my fault. I really need to get to uploading and commenting on them before I forget everything. (as I am so apt to do) Problem is theyre currently on a computer that I took the video card out of because my main computers video card was fried when I got home- and I just HAVE to play Doom 3 dont I? I really WAS going to do it tonight, but then I ended up sleeping through tonight....

Sunday night was my grand return party. Wasnt really that 'grand' but still fun. Me, Jeanine and Marie went out to our usual sunday night hangout and played a few drinking games. I rearanged our game of poker so the winner drinks- and I kept winning... (thanks grandpa for playing all those games of poker with me) Got home at 4am. It was a good help in getting my sleep schedule back to normal. Now instead of sleeping from 3-10 everyday, I fall asleep around 7. So its gradually moving forward.

Registered for classes today, well most of them anyway. If I get my way I'll be taking 20.5 units this semester. As I finally plan on getting a 'real job' as well, I expect to have no life this semester. Anyway, I'm taking Japanese 2, Algebra (>.<) 'Hardening the infrastructure' 'Fundamentals of Network security (both 8 week courses so probably pretty introductory but interesting none-the-less) and because of credit restrictions I have to wait to enroll in 'Hardware Concepts' which I need to graduate. Theres 33 open seats, which I think means NOONE has registered, and its no suprize considering its offered on SATURDAY FROM NINE AM TO NOON. >.<

The website needs severe updating... I have no patience for coding at the moment tho. I will get to it, but I have 6 weeks of things to catch up on in work, school and life before that happens.

Anyway, its 2am and I've been up for an hour now... time to try to sleep.

Links of the day!

Oh ya, shameless promotion time. If I can find five people that love me I can get a free IPOD (People that live in the same house dont count)
Just go sign up and do one of their ofers (supposedly the real player one is easy to quit, I will find out soon..) and youve sent me on my way to getting a free IPOD. You have also gotten the ball rolling yourself, If you have 5 people that love you that is.
(real links of the day returning soon- but I want an IPOD!)

Friday, August 06, 2004

er- hi

Sorry no posts, the pictures arent up yet, hopefully tomorrow. Im still in a great struggle to change my sleep schedule. I cant help but fall asleep every afternoon for about 4 hours, which is about when I slept in Japan and about how much sleep I got. But even with that I'm always tired.

Some things I've been lagging on:
1. Emailing all my friends in Japan, please forgive me!
2. Uploading and commenting on my pictures.
3. Meeting my counselor, I woke up too exhausted today, so now I have to wait till mon...
4. Hanging out with most of my California friends, I hope to be a bit better tomorrow.

Somethings I missed while in Japan:
1. Two friends had babies, Cara and Izhar (wow Izhar I thought you were male ^^)
2. Athena got married, I never even met her fiance.

Wow, this much action doesnt happen in a year when I'm here....

Been having strange dreams since I returned. My body refuses to believe I'm back. Everytime I wake up I think I'm in Japan then I wonder "why is this bed so big?"
The purchase of Doom 3 yesterday added an intersting aspect- nightmares. I love nightmares tho, because I'm the type that goes down fighting ^^

Anyway, just keepin you updated. Maybe I'll even go to bed now.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

hi there, remember me?

well, im back.
So very hard to leave but so very nice to be home.
When I first walked into my room it didnt look right, the colors were off and things seemed out of place, it was very weird, kinda like it had gone cold while I was gone. After a nice long nap things seemed to have warmed up again and felt more right. Its still weird being here. We have so much more s p a c e here...

I havent driven in 6 weeks, so I might die this morning going to see Jeannine for lunch, we shal see.
OF course my computers had to be messed up, its a nice welcome. TV comp is just fine, server was locked up and either the drivers or the video card itself are messed up on my main comp, leaving me in vga default display adapter....
I have many little fun blog ideas I want to do in the next few days, but for the moment I'm tired. Besides, I'm still remembering where the heck all the punctuation is on the keyboard.

Monday, August 02, 2004

comming home

my last keitai email im so sad
theres a ton of things i didntget to do
i will be back