Monday, June 30, 2008


(tanoshikatta - fun)

*get comfortable, it's a long one*

I have been looking forward to posting a happy blog for once, and I definately have one. It hasn't really gotten any easier, but I have had a lot of fun. I honestly dont mind getting my ass kicked out here language wise, in fact I kind of expect it. But I hadnt really done anything else so it was grating on me.

Lets see.... Thursday night Taka, a friend from last year who is now living in the Ihouse with all the gaijin (foreigners) threw us a welcome party. Was a blast. Up way too late and everything, but hey thats normal here. See, most other students start class like 11am and end at like 2... I dont mind, for a month I can draw up some super powers. Everyone is so wonderful here that I dont want to miss a thing.

Friday night was a chill night. We took a test Friday (I got 94/115 others got it out of 111, no idea what the difference is.) And afterwards just had a few beers and hung out doing nothing. A rare and valuable thing, but often feels like we missed out.

Well we made up for it the next two days. Saturday was the day trip to Nara, seeing all the same temples I saw last year but still enjoying the company and such. I spent a lot of the day talking to one of Zack's conversation partners Izumi. I have noticed this year the American to Nihonjin ratio on trips and such is rather low this year which makes it hard to pracitce Japanese. I was glad to get the practice in.

Afterwards we went to a bar with Paul (program co-ordinator) briefly. He couldnt really hang out since he has a 2 year old and one on the way, but we happened to run into a group of the conversation partners and they invited us to a nomihodai. (all you can drink) Now they arent stupid, service was rediculously slow, especially for one of the most customer service oriented customers in the world. All you can drink came with lots of food (none of which I could eat) and lasted 2 hours, but it took about 20 mins to get my next drink every time. We ordered a couple rounds of shots that were much more like spoonfulls. Still, everyone was absolutely wonderful, especially Yoshiki who seemed to be running the show. Out late meant walking home about 20 mins from Kamigamo Jinja (jinja = shrine) in the rain, but I didnt mind at all.

Sunday - was the best day yet by far. We met Meg (YAY!) and Mariko (my conversation partner from 2 years ago) at Shijo station and went to Osaka to meet Chikara, Isson, Keiji, and Tsu-kun who were all CPs from last year. It was rediculously hot and humid in Osaka, but still just soo much fun to see everyone. Was really just a wonderful day. Makes me wish we could have lots more time to just hang out like last year rather than just make them show us around random places.


Monday - like I said, Japanese really hasnt gotten any easier for me. I keep making fun of Onozaki sensei calling him kibishi sensei. Kibishi means strict, and Kishi is another teacher that runs the program but is mostly too busy to actually teach us now. Today we got to have Kishi sensei for the first time, and it was a nice change. Onozaki sensei gives 0 english and 0 furigana. (furigana is the readings so you can at least pronounce kanji you dont know) In many ways this is very good, Kishi sensei actually gives too much furigana, for words that we should have known long, long ago. But the 4-5 word explinations of new gramar in english make everything click. Back to Onozaki sensei tomorrow, who is already in full swing sending us links in Japanese we cant read on our presentation topics. I picked noodles, well... mostly because I couldnt think of a god damned thing. Should be interesting.

Right now I am in the computer lab pretending I am actually studying. Planning on reading wikipedia about noodles.... well assuming I dont spend all night tagging pics. If I do you may see some new ones!

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I have not been at the computer at all lately, so I dont have crap. Hopefully you found this post somewhat interesting.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


(shashin - pictures)

Well.... theyre up. At least some of them. I forgot I cant use "&", "@" etc or the XML freaks out. (sorry non computer geeks!)

Anyway, theyre up. Go look at em and make fun of me. I'm used to it, especially in a country where I dont know the language and a class I am the worst student in. Tomorrow we all get to fail our first test. If only there was a SINGLE sentance in english to explain WHEN and HOW to use the new grammar. Examples alone dont do it for any of us.

I've been so negitive lately. I am having fun. I just really want to learn as much as possible while I am here and I've been feeling like I've been sliding backwards. Oh well, to bed with me!

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Where the hell is Matt Gotta give credit to Zain for this one. Watch the video- it rocks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


(okotteru - pissed off)

Well, looks like no pictures for you. God damned retarded firewall here wont even let me ftp them up to post on the blog. Not sure just how I can get around it other than waste time and money at an internet cafe.

Class is otherwise going well except I have absolutely no idea what to pick for my presentation. If I dont pick something I am interested in, it will show and therefore suck. Last year I had the same problem and had to leave it for the last second and it really showed.

The days are so very short here. Wake up at 7:30, eat, shower, then class from 8-4. After that come back, relax and chat for ~90 mins, and then eat, do homework, and play on the computer a bit before bed. Problem is I cant do shit from behind this stupid firewall, especially with my computers going constantly offline. Unless we have been having power outages at the house due to the heatwave, I am severely dissapointed in eBox.

I'm really not as in bad of a mood as it seems by this. But this firewall thing is just pissing me off. The speech topic also has me very worried. Time for bed.

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Monday, June 23, 2008


(Tsukareta - exhausted.. well not quite that extreme)

Today was the first day of school. I just finished my homework a bit ago and now I am sitting in the computer room sipping on some Oni Kuroshi sake.

Sorry I havent put up any pics yet or blogged much, but I have been busy adjusting. I really want to do as well as I can here. This is the last program, and at some point I have to become a real adult and take on some responsibilities that wont just let me run off to Japan whenever I want.

That said, I have my work out for me. Class entirely in Japanese, textbook entirely in Japanese, (kanji with no furigana) and so far it has been a little difficult. Our main teacher, Onozaki sensei, speaks at a deafining pace. I litterally was physically knocked back twice today while he spoke. Still, for the most part I get the meaining, he seems to give a lot of unneccesary information. Or at least I hope so. ^^;

I hear my friends at work are working very hard without me. Believe me, this is no vacation. I really want to do as well as I can. I am speaking way too much english though, and it seems like everyone is having trouble breaking the ice with their conversation partners this year.

Hmm, not much else to say. I do miss everyone. It is very dificult to call home at a decent time with school going. I really havent wanted to be in front of the computer much either, which is most of the problem with tagging and uploading pics. I had the firewall almost completely defeated the other day, but either my config changed or they fixed my little hole.

Alright, bedtime.

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eh- lazy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


(Kyoto Sangyo de - at Kyoto Sangyo)

Yup, I made it. Very quiet here right now with just about everyone either not here yet or currently in school, but thats fine. I am doing laundry and have already called my parents and V, who didn't anwser of course.

Today seems like it will be a quiet one, which is pretty fine by me. It will be busy very soon. The best news is I got a hold of my friend from 2004 Kiyomi. Last year I wasn't able to track down her email, but Meg got it for me last night. Thanks Meg!

Not much more to say, I am glad I can finally stop living out of a suitcase and make myself at home

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The great Office War I know it's probably old, but I just found it yesterday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


(madaikiteru? ‐still alive?)

sure would be nice to know my parents know I'm alive. I'm begining to think theyre the ones who died in a plane crash...

So, in a probably stupid move, heres my cell email: replace the 2 _'s with my age 3 years ago. (hey I'm not that stupid)

Anyone else who I like and knows the answer feel free to say hi.dont get too chatty tho, it is a prepaid cell afterall.

Tomorrow I enter the dorm meaning reliable power and net access.

Be sure to check twitter on the right side of the page (assuming the baracuda doesnt eat it) as it is updated most often.

Monday, June 16, 2008


(Kyoto ni iru = In Kyoto)

Yes Ⅰ am in Kyoto, the trip was long. but I made it. I am staying at a nice little Ryokan and already got my cell phone hooked up. The ryokan does not have internet and apparently power I can use, so my cell phone just died a bit ago.

I am also not sure yet if my parents know if I am alive dispite repeated attempts to email them, so I thought I would spend 500yen (~$5) on an hour at an internet cafe and let a Japanese keyboard fight me tooth and nail as I type this.(Cant seem to get it to stay in normal-width characters, so thats why this is so large.The Japanese cant tell the difference.)

I would just remote-control my home pc and be done with it, but it seems all my pcs are off line... of course. (Reboot blue pc please parental units)

This morning I woke up early and went to Kyomizudera. I was hoping to get some pics on a day there wasnt a billion people there, and for the most part I succeeded. After that I headed in search of my favorite place in Kyoto- Teramachi. That is where I am now. So many memories. Shakeys,places Kyle shopped for clothes,the place with the HUGE sundaes, all the places we lost Trevor in... It is good to be back.

Unfortunately my friends are all currently busy with work or school, so I am on my own for now. No matter, the weather is very nice today, (at least for Kyoto this time of year) not too hot and not too humid, but still far more humid than home.

Right now I see its about 9:30pm on Monday. For me its 3;30pm Tuesday. Hello from the future.

Plans for the rest of the day include finding a bank so I can withdraw enough money for the Ryokan. I have to check out tomorrow but will check in to a nearby much cheaper one for the last nite til I enter the dorms. Heres hoping that one has power.

Parents- i emailed both Dad at work and Mom at home.My email address is very weird so check your spam filters. Its a string of random characters

It is nice to be able to relax a bit, I certainly need it. However I am hoping to get as much Japanese practice as possible before I start classes. We shal see.

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AJapanese Keyboard What I am fighting right now. Notice how small the spacebar is and that all Punctuation is in completely different places. In case you havent noticed, Ihave no idea where the apostrophe is.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


(Modoru - to return)

Ive been meaning to write this for awhile, but I have been so busy. Right now is my last few hours to get anything done, and I'm really not sure what to do with myself.

I am returning to Kyoto tomorrow morning. Of course I arrive the following evening... and I dont have my confirmation yet on how to get from the airport to my place... Whatever, I'll figure it out.

Yes I am going back. People keep asking me if I am excited. ATM more nervous. I am not very confident in my Japanese skills and this time it's a 3rd year college course. All I know is I will do my best.

Last nite I saw Hulk, great movie. Tonight going out with other friends, probably to see Indy. So I got to get to work.

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How to stalk me- everything is linked here anyway, including the top right of the site and the sidebar.
Twitter I love it. I will be sending updates from my cell phone and will get replies at night at my computer
DigsbyThat chat window on the right. It is way more than that though, its by far the best IM client I've ever used and it is still in early beta. Check it out.
GalleryWhere my pictures will go assuming I can get it to work. I am so leaving my webhost when I get home. Btw- link subject to change. Ill update the navigation but I might forget this post.