Thursday, June 26, 2008


(shashin - pictures)

Well.... theyre up. At least some of them. I forgot I cant use "&", "@" etc or the XML freaks out. (sorry non computer geeks!)

Anyway, theyre up. Go look at em and make fun of me. I'm used to it, especially in a country where I dont know the language and a class I am the worst student in. Tomorrow we all get to fail our first test. If only there was a SINGLE sentance in english to explain WHEN and HOW to use the new grammar. Examples alone dont do it for any of us.

I've been so negitive lately. I am having fun. I just really want to learn as much as possible while I am here and I've been feeling like I've been sliding backwards. Oh well, to bed with me!

Links of the day!

Where the hell is Matt Gotta give credit to Zain for this one. Watch the video- it rocks

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