Thursday, September 23, 2004

To the naysayers...

To the naysayers out there that called a scam, I have something to show you.
Yup, it came yesterday. ^^
I wanted to post yesterday saying so but as I had to charge the battery I didnt really get a chance to play with it till just before bed last nite.
I love it, I cant believe how tiny it is, makes me wonder why they botehred making the mini. An ipod would definately not be the mp3 player I'd BUY, (probably pick either the Dell or the Iriver (btw I saw the I-river at best buy and found it quite ugly)) but for free I'll definately take one. An added bonus is I dont have to use I-Tunes! Theres a plugin for winamp that does the job wonderfuly, although I did have to install I-tunes to get it to see it, I can now remove the offending program. (As a side note, WHAT BUSSINESS DOES APPLE HAVE installing Quicktime automatically without asking me? the ipod has NOTHING to do with their crappy video format and program.)

Anyway, the site is still QUITE ugly as you can see, and this post is also partially a test to see how things work. Seems for my idea to work I have to manually edit EVERY OLD POST, not a pleasing idea, so I'm testing with this one, and also hoping to find another way. And yes, school kicking my ass is having an effect on that, looks like my weekend will be pretty full too.

Links of the day!

IF you use gnome, you probably want to know this, I sure did.
Hmm my video game cabinet IS a bit crowded...
Eye test! whats wrong with the picture of the dining room? (I promise its not 1 of those annoying flash screamers.)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Free Campaign Advice

First of all, I am not voting this election. While everyone gasps with horror because I refuse to do my 'civic duty' let me explain why.
I sat staring at a link I followed from MSN's homepage (too lazy to change my homepage since I last formatted) that allowed me to fill out a form to get registered. I even filled out the form. But I ended up closing the window. Why? Because beyond my conscience telling me I should, I need something else. Namely, something to vote FOR.

If I did vote, I know it would be for Bush. His social policies suck, but there are more important things to me right now, like a growing economy so I can get a new job, and oh ya, not being blown up. But the choice is really the lesser of two evils, and thats not enough to make me vote. Was the same last election. My first over 18 election I voted for Bob Dole, I really respect the man. But in the end what happened would have been the same with either guy as president, minus the comedy of Lewinsky and viagra comercials. (I doubt Bob Dole would do them as preisdent.)

So, as a 'right-winger' thats sitting out of voting I will give John Kerry some advice.

1. GET A MESSAGE AND STICK TO IT. Make a real plan, dont shore it up saying you dont have enough information. A president MAKES things work because he beleives theyre the right thing to do. You did ok yesterday with your speech, although I have not heard all of it yet. The two things I have heard in your speech that turned me off were:
a: 'I dont have enough information to make a full plan.' (Informed people know that you also recieve daily security breifings, and we also know that obviously you cant take EVERYTHING into account.)
b: 'I will get all the other countries involved.' How? I dont thin anybodys gonna support bending over backwards for half of europe just to make nice.

2. Have some press confrences. I heard the other day you havent held a national press confrence since just after your convention. You cant go and shake everyones hand. Yes you will have to answer questions, mmaybe even hard ones. But you want to be president damnit, we expect you to do that if you get elected too.

3. Distance yourself from the CBS thing loudly and publicly. Of course if you did it youre then screwed, but odds are no one will find out anyway.

4. You better DESTROY those debates. Bush isnt a good public speaker and everyone knows it. So he will get a bit of a pass if he screws up, you are a much better speaker and will not, so therefore you have to do that much better to be recognized. Edwards is also supposed to be able to clean Cheney's clock, and Cheney has no excuse, so that should go well, but no one really cares about vice presidents.

5. Nobody believes America is less safe because of Bush, at worst its no safer.

Thats it for now, I know there were others, if youre lucky I'll post them some other time.

On a personal note, this is the first post in awhile, and ya the blog looks way diferent. (ugly) Im playing with its layout trying to make something more unique than the default layout, but its a bit hard as I do not know CSS well. I have absolutely no time to update my website, and its really begining to bother me.

School is QUITE a handful, the last couple weekends I have stayed in and studied the whole time. As of this week, I'm going to take Tuesday and Thursday off when possible so I can get my work done and actually see sun/moonlight on the weekends. Then maybe I can work on the site, but I want to radically change the layout and I dont have a good idea yet on what to do. So I guess thats why I made the blog my guinnea pig.

Anyway, hopefully Ill get into the swing of school, seeing how its the 5th week already >.>

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Btw, expect a happy post Wed or Thurs ^^

Monday, September 06, 2004

YA baby!

Your Status:
Congratulations! You have currently completed all requirements to get your totally FREE iPod. We now need to confirm your account and referral offer completions. Please check back after 7 business days to see your status.

yay me!! so the ipods checked off, life is good. I still want the flatscreen and I did sign up for a Free Desktop PC as well. But I wanted the Ipod most.

Sorry for turning the blog into a spamfest lately, but not much is going on. School will be thuroghly kicking my buttocks this semester. Japanese 2 I love but its going to be very hard. Even the HOMEWORK DESCRIPTION in the syllabus is in kanji none of us have studied or are even expected to know. Right now I should be doing homework, but atm I'm too lazy to get out the kanji dictionary to decipher it.

Also looks like I'm going to have to keep my current job one more semester so I can do well in school. 19 units is a lot after all. If I play my cards right tho, I can get the JLPT level 4 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), two security certifications, (Security+ and I'm not sure of the other, thats 2nd half of the semester) and if I really wanted to, I could have the Network+ and A+ certs as well.
But its the security certs that will make me marketable (I hope) Also... not sure of this... but I BELEIVE I will have my AS after this semester. Someone kick me in the ass and make me go to my department head to find out ok?

no links of the day. I have a ton, but I have to get back to studying.