Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year- Wii!!

So ya, happy freaking new year. I didn't do much of anything, just had Jeannine come over and watch Superman Returns and Taledega Nights. Both good movies but not much of a new years. December sucked and I got sick just before new years so I didn't feel much like celebrating. I am sure Jeannine didn't either. She is doing as good as can be expected, loosing Dustin was a terrible loss for everyone. She is leaving for Maine on Friday to go check out the University. She is planning on moving there. It will be weird without her, but its at least a few months off.

In other news, I got my Wii replacement straps! They dont really look much stronger than the originals, but I guess its the best they can do with the small hole the Wii remote has. I guess these will take 6 months to break instead of 6 days. But I dont swing the Wiimote around wildly like a five year old.

The new DS Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin is an excelent game, only a slight deviation of the previous two, but since I loved both I dont mind.

In a parting shot, I once again have something to blame O.J. Simpson for. Because of him, we can't call Mark McGuire "The Juice"

Links of the day!

MapWii A site to add your Wii code to so you can find others near you on a google map. Kinda cool, I havent added mine yet...
How Ms Nevada lost her Miss Universe Title Warning: Not exactally work-safe, but not too bad.
Burger King 911 Kinda old but hillarious, a woman calls 911 because they didn't take her order.