Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Ja4 project- Tsuru no Ongaeshi Blooper Special!

A bit overdue here, but this was my groups project for Japanese 4 That I turned in two Thursdays ago.

Direct youtube link here

Of course, if you dont know Japanese a lot of it will be lost on you. It also helps to know the original story, which is a famous Japanese childrens tale. The Grateful Crane There are many versions of the story, Ours stars an old man and his wife and the crane, not the young man in the link.

There are also many in-jokes from our class since we have all been together for several semesters now. So I made a translation / notes page together with my group mate Katherine and here it is:
The Grateful Crane Blooper Special Translation
You can watch the video there too.

In other news, on Monday I leave for Florida for two weeks for training in one of our products from work. Not Miami or anything, Gainsville, aka swamp land. It should be relaxing however, nice to get away no matter where it is.

Also, my server is coming along quite nice. I just got the 3ware 9550SX RAID controller for it, and am playing around with the 4 drives I have for it so I can fully understand how to configure and repair the RAID 5 before I buy the other 4 hard drives. My mistake so far was to Format a 745gb array without using quick format, it has been running all day and is only at 30%. ^^;;

Also, I finally got to talk to Minori san on MSN today! She was awake at 3am her time when I got out of bed after her big date that she kept switching the subject away from. ^^

PS: I know I dont update much, but I have been going for quality over quantity. I have been very busy these days, but work and school arent generally that exciting to talk about. Till next time!

Links of the day!

Other links above are the main stars, but Ill give one other
Church Sign Generator I stole this from Katherine too ^^

Monday, May 01, 2006


Its 4am. Im wide awake. Tried getting up and doin stuff. Tried workin out. Tried havin a couple beers. But now its 4 am so am so I'm going to go lay down till I have to go go work...