Monday, December 12, 2005

Work is hard

Hard @ work, playin on irc

Monday, December 05, 2005

Somebody stop me!

The Mask references aside, seriously, I need help.

So I got my first steady paycheck in forever, and got final checks from my two major clients as well, which about equaled another paycheck. Was I smart and put it all away for my next rainy day?

Of course not, I've been on a toy buying spree.

Not entirely my fault, theres just soo many things over the past year or so that I have said to myself 'I can get it when I get a new job' and of course here we are.

So what have I bought? Well I started out smart. Putting $500 into savings and buying some work clothes and nice new belts, and I decided to get a Nvidia 6800 Ultra video card since my friend found a deal on the anandtech forums and its a good time to upgrade, afterall, a faster AGP video card will probably never be made.

Then it got interesting, deals came my way. Last Monday, I found the dell 2005fpw 21" flatscreen for the cheapest I have ever seen it $599 - 25% - 100 + free shipping = $360 shipped. Normally thats to much for me on comptuer parts, but I spent $450 on my 19" CRT 5 years ago and it has lasted me beautifully, but gained a scratch near the center a few months ago. Since I spent less than $100/year on the last monitor, this new one was deemed worth it. I also bought a 6 bottle inverted liquor dispenser on sale for $30 at Linnens and Things on Black Friday.

My Palm Lifedrive is also finally going to go thru. Meaning another big hit to my bank account, but I've been drooling over this forever. (I have wanted wifi in my palm for two years.)

Then came the real toy. Frys had a sale of a Nintendo DS with Mario Kart and 2 crap games (some poker crap and Madden 2005) for $159. So on Saturday I went and got that too.

But honestly, blowing my first paycheck on toys is fine. I have no bills and I deserve to celebrate a bit.

Am I done? Hell no, I have a new game machine to feed. Gonna go get Metroid and Castlevania at lunch today and maybe get up to frys for a Linksys WRT54G (on sale for $30 till tomorrow) between work and class.

Oh and work? I'm there now. I love the place but really wish I was more useful, I have nothing to do so far today. Almost makes me want to whip out my DS...

Links of the day!

theyre hard to do at work, but I have a few on my iPod/glorified usb thumbrive
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