Thursday, October 28, 2004

its alive!

Apparently it was comming sooner than I thought. Pretty happy with it now, Definately better than old layout. Firefox and IE still disagree on just how wide the sidebar is by a pixel or two, but I dont know how to code browser work-arounds and it would look worse in IE if i fixed it in Firefox.

How did I get the time to polish it all off? I ditched Japanese 2 for today. I was tired, really no better excuse than that.

Well, emjoy, comments on new layout welcome at the link below

Links of the day!

None- see previous post, its only about 2 hours older.

its comming...... i swear

The new blog layout, to replace this ugly one, is close to completion. Just a few more bugs to work out and tweaking of colors, and I'll be happy with it, at least for now.

Life is still quite busy. A new half semester class replaces my old one which I had to do NOTHING for, with about 100pgs of reading and a test a week to add on to the math and Japanese. Both other classes are a mixed bag, Math being very time consuming even tho its mostly easy, and Japanese 2 confounding me in some areas while I find others easy.

I was homebound all last weekend due to being kinda broke and finding out saturday afternoon my car wouldnt start... (ended up being the battery, and I got the new whiper blades I needed) So I spent some time begining to re-arange my room. Might 'finish' this weekend, but I wont be totally done because I need to build myself a desk since Ikea discontinued the ONE part I needed to make a desk attached to my entertainment center in about 3 seconds. As I'm not good with tools, this should be interesting.

This weekend is also my Moms birthday and Halloween. However I have a math test on a chapter I havent even STARTED due by midnight sunday, as well as 2 tests for the new computer security class due the same day.

So ya, I still dont have a life. Which is fine I guess, I've got a lot of work I want and need to do.

Links of the day!

Japan can't get a break either.
U2 arent the only ones With their own Ipod, Check out the new Ashlee Simpson Model.
I think we all have wanted to send this to someone at least once.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


It's been far too long since I ranted hasnt it?
Spending most of the day reformating a clients computer left me lots of down time while things installed so I decided to work on this hideous blog layout of mine.

Whats the matter? Dont see any difference? Thats because I have a test blog.
Check it out here.

Anyway other than the annoying IE problem of putting spaces between divs (why the title images dont touch the colored boxes on the sidebar) it looks perfect. The xml even validates. Something this blog will NEVER do, because the links of the day have un-escaped charaters. Even the CSS (layout scripting for those who dont know) validates. Except for the css from Blogspot that I have no control over.

However, if you view the site in mozilla or its derivitives, it looks like utter shit. I know IE is old, I know it shouldnt be used, believe me. The clients comptuer I reformatted today was because spyware had be come so prevasive, XP would no longer allow me to log on when I removed it. I personally almost never get spyware, because I have enough know-how not to.

I installed Firefox for about 2 weeks. I gave it a chance, really. But it SUCKS, the world is coded for IE and should be. The stats of the visitors to my site show that 96% of visitors use IE. Mozilla and its bastard child Firefox went about re-inventing the wheel. I dont know about you, but I like the wheel. So I found Maxthon. Formerly called MyIE2, it takes the IE renderer we all know and love and adds a ton of new features. Basically everything Mozilla could hope to do, and still uses the interpeter that ACTUALLY WORKS. That doesnt mean that IE is perfect, I know its not, but Mozilla is nowhere close. Some things seem to get popular only because its cool to hate Microsoft.

Well whatever. I'm going to email blogspot about why the blogger bar has doubled in size on the test site and to see if theres a way to fix their css so it validates. If I can get every part of the template to validate and Mozilla cant see it- mozilla can go to hell, its gonna be published.

Final notes on temp site: colors may be changed slightly, need to make sure theyre web-safe, I know theyre not now, and the white corners on the headers for the sidebar (friends blogs etc) will be fixed as well.

thats it. Microsoft- get off your ass and make a new browser. Mozilla- stop sucking.

Links of the day!

New layout inspiration came from here, although I no longer think it looks even close
This guy is my new idol
Yup, I still miss my Ipod

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Its good to be the roach

Well its tuesday night and my weekend officially starts. Not that I dont have work to do tomorrow, or class, or homework, etc. But today I defeated both a math midterm (basic colege algebra- its been about 7 years since I've had math) and a Japanese 2 chapter test that even the teacher admitted afterwards was far too hard.
Still, I came out well, so I get a day or 2 off studying, hence my mid-week weekend.
Will I ever have a life again?
No, probably not. Then again I'm not sure I had one in the first place.

On the geek front, My ipod box came today so I can ship it out tomorrow if I'm not too lazy (considering its scheduled to POUR and my winshield whipers are old I probably will be) and I got some new ideas on making this blog less ugly, even tho I do so enjoy making Targen blind.

Oh ya, I also got a bug up my ass to re-arange my room- we shal see.

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I'm always coming up with t-shirt ideas, may have to try this.
Jpop fans! theyre making a Puffy Ami-yumi TV SHOW!

Monday, October 18, 2004

A new world record!!!

Yup, its dead. Before anyone posts many seemingly helpful hints on how to restore my ipod- theyve been done, to no effect.
I swear I didnt drop it, didnt mistreat it in any way. It gets most of its use in my car where it sits comfortably on the change tray below my stereo and the most rigorous use its had is when I walked around the lake these past two fridays. (about 5k)

Well it was on the home stretch of the walk on Friday that it froze up mid song and would not accept any control imput, demanding it was locked no matter how unlocked it was. After about an hour the screen finally went off, at which point I tried the reset and even the restore, but no luck. The reset put it in an endless 20 second apple logo then 10 second file folder with exclimation (pictured)then repeat.

HP, for its part is quite helpful, tomorrow I recieve a fed ex box to ship it back for free which is about a week turn around time so I wont be without it long.

Still, after everything I did to get it, this is hillarious. It's also quite funny I cant seem to figure out how I survived without it. Still, if I ever consider actually PAYING FOR something built by Apple- shoot me.

Note for free ipod people, it seems your waranty begins when you ORDER the ipod, NOT when you get it.

Links of the day!

Because I'm such a wonderfully humble person, I can admit when I am wrong. I found this quite interesting.
An exact clone of my case, my favorite case ever, except for the colors which makes it the ugliest case ever! horrify your friends!
As if I needed another reason to want to move to Japan.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm a thief

Yes, I hardly ever post lately. This blog is about quality not quantity, and as school and work are keeping me very busy I havent had much to say. That emo Targen even called my blog dead on his- that bastard.
Anyway, I have something to say.
Im a thief.
Yes, I steal things, digitally.
John Ashcroft held a news confrence today announcing that the government is going to crack down on intellectual property theft. The prevaling press from large comapnies and the government in this case is that people who 'steal' moveies, music, and programs hurt the companies they steal from.
Well thats true. The big companies are finding out that they can no longer release crap from Madonna, Michael Jackson and the like and expect it to go gold just because of the name on the cover.
This hurts them dearly, and I could care less.
As for me, I cant stand popular music in America, so I wont be stealing any.
However, I have downloaded TONS of Japanese music over the past several years. Japanese albums that cost ~$35 a peice. (They cost that much in Japan, it isnt just an import fee.)
So I'm a thief.
But you know what? I also have PURCHASED over 30 Japanese albums at that price. I have discovered music I love that I would NEVER have heard any other way, through downloading.
The point has been belabored to death that internet sharing will become the media advertizing and distribution center of the future and that digital copies should be just as legal as the courts ruled their analog brothers in the past, so I wont bother.
I just wanted to relate a personal account that proves them wrong. Of course the RIAA probably hates me MORE, because I have freed myself from having to hunt for the least smelly of their crap to buy and listen to.
Im weeping on the inside for them, really....

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