Thursday, October 28, 2004

its comming...... i swear

The new blog layout, to replace this ugly one, is close to completion. Just a few more bugs to work out and tweaking of colors, and I'll be happy with it, at least for now.

Life is still quite busy. A new half semester class replaces my old one which I had to do NOTHING for, with about 100pgs of reading and a test a week to add on to the math and Japanese. Both other classes are a mixed bag, Math being very time consuming even tho its mostly easy, and Japanese 2 confounding me in some areas while I find others easy.

I was homebound all last weekend due to being kinda broke and finding out saturday afternoon my car wouldnt start... (ended up being the battery, and I got the new whiper blades I needed) So I spent some time begining to re-arange my room. Might 'finish' this weekend, but I wont be totally done because I need to build myself a desk since Ikea discontinued the ONE part I needed to make a desk attached to my entertainment center in about 3 seconds. As I'm not good with tools, this should be interesting.

This weekend is also my Moms birthday and Halloween. However I have a math test on a chapter I havent even STARTED due by midnight sunday, as well as 2 tests for the new computer security class due the same day.

So ya, I still dont have a life. Which is fine I guess, I've got a lot of work I want and need to do.

Links of the day!

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I think we all have wanted to send this to someone at least once.

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