Thursday, October 28, 2004

its alive!

Apparently it was comming sooner than I thought. Pretty happy with it now, Definately better than old layout. Firefox and IE still disagree on just how wide the sidebar is by a pixel or two, but I dont know how to code browser work-arounds and it would look worse in IE if i fixed it in Firefox.

How did I get the time to polish it all off? I ditched Japanese 2 for today. I was tired, really no better excuse than that.

Well, emjoy, comments on new layout welcome at the link below

Links of the day!

None- see previous post, its only about 2 hours older.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hey! you have the link to my blog wrong! I'm not supachopstixgirl! and the name below me links to me. SOme visitors are gonna get awefully confuzzled ;) but hey, there's black cat peeps in the house so its all good! Tell yer mum I say happy b-day.
little momma