Friday, December 31, 2004

New years!

Ok, this should be interesting. Yesterday I stood up so I could pull a party out of my ass. (bonus points if you get the reference)
Cleaned my room, something that hasnt been done in MONTHS, actually prob not since I came back from Japan.
Then this morning, I went to spend ~$100 on supplies.
$182 later I have this.

3 30 packs of coors lite, 1 1.5ltr of capt morgans, 1 1.5 ltr of absolut mandarin, 4pk of bodingtons pub ale and 2 pints(?) of Sapporo.
Also got, 2 large trays of jalepeno popers, and 2 small trays of both bean burritos and cheese sticks.
Not sure whos commin or how many at this point, but I figure I'm well supplied ^^
Thinkin about hain ppl pay $5 for all u can drink/eat.. but I've never done that before so we shal see.

Hope your new years is fun, happy and safe, and if you got nothin to do, come over.

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Since when do geeks cut lawn?
uh..huh huh... he said wood

Monday, December 27, 2004

Shhhh.... dont look down

Christmass was fun, got some new shoes from my sister and a shower radio/mp3 player from my brother. Still keeping the main present secret till it can reveal itself to you ^^

Not much up, was supposed to go out last nite but it didnt happen, spent a lot of yesterday working on the site. I'm kinda stumped for design ideas (especially for this area, which is the next I want to work on) so I worked on adding content to the Japan page. About 6 pages added, although theres much more to be done. Still I think its shaping up to be a quick reference site, which is what I want. Added a new toy to zeta too, the place you shouldnt go. Might play with zeta more today.

The problem with this area of the page is I was born completely without artistic genes of any kind, so figuring out design is hard on me. I have an idea right now, but even if I can get it to work it'll probably suck, just like the last one did on the test page. The other problem is its the only part of the site that has things I didnt code myself. Both the blog and esp the gallery (which hasnt been linked to in awhile now...) have a ton of code I dont understand. The blog isnt os bad, but the gallery SAYS "only mess with the CSS if you dont want it to break." Could make it an iframe (yes I know you dont know what that is) but iframes kinda suck.... must learn to css them.

And so begins the long, slow burrial of the previous post...

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Ok I guess I've been scaring people here recently, so heres some kinder, genteler ones
Yay! I'm helpful!I posted the short workaround comment, and yes, firefox still sucks.
bugmenot I usually give interesting or funny crap here, but sometimes I give things everyone should have bookmarked. This is one of those, its how i posted on bugzilla above too ^_^
Saddness reported from an appropriate source

Friday, December 24, 2004

Evil Christmass

Ive been wanting to do this for awhile, and what more perfect time to unveil it than cristmass?
you suck
I was gonna soften it up by also making another image with a santa hat on the s....
but I got lazy.
So ya, I'm going to hell for christmass so I might as well top it off.

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Only one, but you dont need any more ^^

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Real christmass list

So ya, xmas sucks this year.
The same dozen songs Ive heard since I was a month old that I got sick of when I figured out Santa didnt exist (sorry kids!) annoys the HELL out of me now. Ive even partially renamed this 'vegas time' because of all the lights.

I think part of the reason (tho I promise not all of it) is that theres nothing really on my xmas list this year. Theres plenty I want (and one thing I'm getting which should make this blog more interesting.. ^^) but the important things are things I can only get myself. So..

My real xmas list:
A new job
Security+, Network+, MCSA 2003 certifications
To get better at Japanese, PHP, MySQL, Linux
To finally have a place of my own again

A friend of mine is asking for a boyfriend. So I guess its going around.

While on xmass, to those people who are afraid of religion in daily life- santa IS secular, has been since before Coca-Cola (and Norman Rockwell I believe) made him fat. Sure he was a 'saint' but most any sane kid isnt thinking about jesus on christmass, they want presents. Let kids have SOMETHING damn it, theyre not supposed to act like stuffy middle age people.

In other news, I got a C in math (meaning I never have to take that class again YAY!) and a B in Japanese 2. Had an A in my Security+ class since it ended mid-semester. Expecting my last 2 classes to be A and A or B. Either way its above a 3 GPA. Getting a good grade in a 5 unit language class is very good for offsetting C's ^^.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well, im still alive! Honestly I'm not done with finals, but it feels like it. Yesterday was hell-day, the rest is easy.

4-6pm math final. By my calculations I needed a 66% or better to pass the class, and about a 99% to get a B in the class. Considering 2 weeks ago I had an F- and was 2.5 chapters behind, Im happy.

Then Japanese 2. For previously mentioned reasons, I ignored the entire last chapter of Japanese. Basically only studied Mon and some of Tues. Still, I think I did pretty good. I used noburo (which seems to mean nothing...) rather than narau (to learn) about 5x on the test..... and my writing section made absolutely no sense and stopped in the middle because I had nothing to write about........

Now just a THIRTY FIVE PAGE computer security class to print out and mail by fri...

Other reason Im suprized I'm alive- Jeannine called me yesterday afternoon and suggested we go out drinkin- worked for me. I invited a friend Jarell (ok so I dont have a clue how to spell his name- cept in katakana...) and we had some fun.

Stupid spectrum bars closing at 11 and 12..... we ended up in HB at a cool little bar. Honestly I expected to not remeber the night- these last few weeks were STRESSFUL. But I didnt really drink that much. Guess Im out of practice.

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ooh I got some winners....
Go get yourself a date. I wonder if that girl in the upper right knew what she was posing for...
Who would Jesus do?
A continuation of the last link. Proving christians just dont get the point.

now back to bed

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Motion to repeal the act known as Murphys Law

So I have like a million math problems to do.
A Japanese II final.
Two online finals.
Basically all due by the end of Tuesday.

So guess what happens to me last nite?
everyone say it together!

i got sick.

Cold ease + benidryl + robutussin that expired in May of 99.
Yay brain!

On the only bright note, out Japanese final presentation was rediculously hillarious.
Because I like embarrasing myself, I'll probably encode it and throw it up here...

If I survive finals...

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no, im just too damned lazy

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

new layout

So ya, anything to avoid math...

New layout for blog, not done, just felt like spending 20 mins on it and breaking everything :p Goin for that emo look that seems so popular these days. :P

At least now the site navigation is at the top, and no it doesnt quite match, I'll work on it sometime...

Thatguy, whos site I need to link to again, fixed my background pic for the Japan sidebar. MUCH better now, but I wish it would repeat like i coded it to.....

Math math math... I did very little today and none yesterday.. must.. get... off... ass...

oh wait I have to sit down to do math.

Links of the day!

Ok, so its a little outdated now, but its still downright hillarious.
If only I knew Sweedish
Just got this the other day Cant wait to watch it.

Monday, December 06, 2004

daigaku wa taihen

Did another 6 subchapters of math today, why I care about factoring trinomials is beyond me. Algebra IS useful for learning logic and manipulating formulas, and geometry is also very useful. But honestly, once u get out of that they should be teaching you economics, physics, hell even chemistry math. Math with REAL APPLICATIONS TO LIFE.

But no, thats too easy.

Had my computer security class tonite, we're finally in the linux chapter of our book.

even tho it was ch4 he left it for last, because he doesnt know jack shit about linux

hell *I* know more than him, only new thing so far is umod

it sucks cuz I understand the basics of linux, but i dont WANT to create directories and files and set their permissions, I want to do REAL things
like administering servers and just everyday stuff like playing multimedia files, and unfort that takes tons more knowlege than I have.

Guess its true, school != real life.

Tomorrow is a day off math to study japanese, hopefully ill be ready to take the ch8 test and the ch 12 vocab test I missed by classtime.

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Oh god, its me.
Why I cant talk to Reid anymore.
Kill it with fire. Dont you love it when someone takes two popular things that have NOTHING to do with eachother and combine them....


So I did about 200 math problems today. An entire chapter (8 subsections) on polynomials (ya, just shove the 'thats easy' crap, I hate math and its been 8 years) So that ends chapter 4. Next chapter 5 on factoring, another 8 subsections on stuff I could care less about. THEN I'll be current. THEN I can do the 8 sections of chapter 6 so I can take the test by Sun. THEN chapter 7 (5 subchapters) and the test by the end of the next day, the optional test I have to take since I missed 3 out of 6 tests this sem............................................................

Oh ya, I suck at Japanese too........................

Just 2 more weeks....

Links of the day!

If only I knew spanish. I could READ about the place I miss.
Hooray! till they get sued for DDOS
Someone else we all wouldnt miss from the genetic pool. Now if theyd just die...

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Today was interesting. Woke up wide awake at 7:30am after falling asleep around 4, which is becoming par for the course for me.
Went to a client, took care of a few things, bought probably the best sake I've ever had (Otokoyama, which I am enjoying right now hot) it was about the price of a decent bottle of liquor, not too bad.

Anyway it was a prop for our groups's japanese final project, which we videotaped so we dont have to present it in front of the class. Actually, Jarells' (groupmate) talented friends did it.
It was done in pictures with voice over and lots of incredibly strange things like genie costumes and me in my yukatta and getta. (wow, I thought for SURE I'd get pulled over wearing my yukatta on the way over) It makes all the sense of Super Milk Chan on acid, and thats why I love it.

If youre lucky, REAL LUCKY, you might find it here someday- We shal see...

Links of the day!

A public service announcement that is causing some controversy in the LA area, stations are too afraid to play it. I think its funny.
Ya I'm sure youve heard of it, but do u know what it can REALLY do? Read the user review!
One last one about that murderer chiq, heres her and her acomplices. In pretty orange jumpsuits! I can see how at least one of the guys has to kill to get laid.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

a bit of a coincidence

So I get to my computer security class about half an hour early as usual. (we have to log in to the computer lab a certain # of times per semester.) Cant think of anything to do so I try a few strange urls, including and end up clicking on an add to find housing in Tokyo. Browsed for a few mins and closed it, no big deal.

Just before class, I went to log out of the computer lab, and there were some fortune cookies on the counter with a sign saying 'take one' taped to it.

this was my fortune:
whats wrong with your browser

Of course if you bother going to the link, you can see what it is and why they would be free in a computer lab, but still...

I dont think I ever even looked at places in Japan before....

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I wanna transfer here...
Parents, pay attention to what your kids want for the hollidays. (I'm so P.C. arent I?)
Of course if you do, maybe theres other things to worry about.