Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well, im still alive! Honestly I'm not done with finals, but it feels like it. Yesterday was hell-day, the rest is easy.

4-6pm math final. By my calculations I needed a 66% or better to pass the class, and about a 99% to get a B in the class. Considering 2 weeks ago I had an F- and was 2.5 chapters behind, Im happy.

Then Japanese 2. For previously mentioned reasons, I ignored the entire last chapter of Japanese. Basically only studied Mon and some of Tues. Still, I think I did pretty good. I used noburo (which seems to mean nothing...) rather than narau (to learn) about 5x on the test..... and my writing section made absolutely no sense and stopped in the middle because I had nothing to write about........

Now just a THIRTY FIVE PAGE computer security class to print out and mail by fri...

Other reason Im suprized I'm alive- Jeannine called me yesterday afternoon and suggested we go out drinkin- worked for me. I invited a friend Jarell (ok so I dont have a clue how to spell his name- cept in katakana...) and we had some fun.

Stupid spectrum bars closing at 11 and 12..... we ended up in HB at a cool little bar. Honestly I expected to not remeber the night- these last few weeks were STRESSFUL. But I didnt really drink that much. Guess Im out of practice.

Links of the day!

ooh I got some winners....
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now back to bed

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