Thursday, December 23, 2004

Real christmass list

So ya, xmas sucks this year.
The same dozen songs Ive heard since I was a month old that I got sick of when I figured out Santa didnt exist (sorry kids!) annoys the HELL out of me now. Ive even partially renamed this 'vegas time' because of all the lights.

I think part of the reason (tho I promise not all of it) is that theres nothing really on my xmas list this year. Theres plenty I want (and one thing I'm getting which should make this blog more interesting.. ^^) but the important things are things I can only get myself. So..

My real xmas list:
A new job
Security+, Network+, MCSA 2003 certifications
To get better at Japanese, PHP, MySQL, Linux
To finally have a place of my own again

A friend of mine is asking for a boyfriend. So I guess its going around.

While on xmass, to those people who are afraid of religion in daily life- santa IS secular, has been since before Coca-Cola (and Norman Rockwell I believe) made him fat. Sure he was a 'saint' but most any sane kid isnt thinking about jesus on christmass, they want presents. Let kids have SOMETHING damn it, theyre not supposed to act like stuffy middle age people.

In other news, I got a C in math (meaning I never have to take that class again YAY!) and a B in Japanese 2. Had an A in my Security+ class since it ended mid-semester. Expecting my last 2 classes to be A and A or B. Either way its above a 3 GPA. Getting a good grade in a 5 unit language class is very good for offsetting C's ^^.

Links of the day!

Can you raed tihs?
I previously showed you a pregnant man, this may be worse
Hey, it worked once...


Anonymous said...

really interesting, freaky links today man. The McD's one not so much but the other two made me blink in amazement! I really don't think I want to know who did the impregnating.

watch out for Floridians who want to kick your ass ;)

eD said...

ya.. i dont either

*makes mental note to someday fix comment colors*