Sunday, October 09, 2005


Got my Security+, 876/900 for 97.3%.
About 80% or more of the questions were DIRECTLY off the practice test program I used. (Transdumper for fellow students.) So yay. This week I'm gonna relax a bit and update my resume while I make my clients happy, then next week probably go to some employment agencies since I seem quite unable to get a job on my own.

I also finally justified getting my Palm Lifedrive. I found a deal on it late last week for $350, and since my crappy Ipod died and my Tungsten T3 is dying, (SD card slot doesnt work and the screen accuracy is off) This should fufil both roles in one easy package, AND give me WiFi! I really cant wait to get it, but I will have to. Because of the great deal that was offered, theyre backordered and I have to wait a month to get it. T-T

Didnt do anything this weekend and really didnt want to, after studying all week I just want to lay around.... Oh wait, I always want to do that...

Probably gonna rebuild my network a bit too (with the newfound confidence of my new cert) Harden my domain server and get my Astaro router back up and running. (new version 6 yay)

Other than that, my life is as boring as always, but I kinda like it that way.

Links of the day!

How bout some links for dog lovers.
Neuticles Do you love your dog this much?
Dog Condoms I REALLY hope you dont love your dog THIS much.
Ok, enough dogs, how about some
Fruit that sums up every relationship I've ever been in.
Once again tho,
Get Winston an Ipod He's worth it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things I learned today

1. Lord of War is a very good movie
2. Girls dont like very good movies
3. All very good movies must have some lame moral judgement usually typed on the screen at the end otherwise girls would be picketing outside
4. lots and lots of security stuff....

Taking Security+ tomorrow, cross your fingers for me.

Links of the day!

Get Winston an Ipod Winston totally rocks, he really deserves one, come on, be a sport.
While youre at it buy me this.
Another flash game this time a Street Fighter 2 ripoff, fun tho.

But seriously- get Winston an Ipod

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A day in pictures

Yesterday was quite eventfull, somehow early in the day I decided to try photo blogging and heres the result.

First I had to go to school (yes on a saturday morning, 9am-noon T-T) and I saw evidence of the RIAA's new pricing ideas for online music downloads.
youre missing out
(Ya ok, it's not easy to take pics while driving- it says "10 songs for $10,000.")

Then I got to school and saw the image that I just HAD to take a picture of.
youre missing out
Sure, I'm probably going to hell, but what else is new, that's hillarious.

I was VERY out of gas so I went to fill up (for $50 UGH) and check out what I saw.
youre missing out

Then grabbed some lunch at what I think is going to be my new favorite place.
youre missing out
Mmm kung pao tofu and edamame.

Then it was time for a long afternoon of grueling napping, in preperation to go out for the nite. Dinner at Fridays then off to 'the Rocks' with Chrissie and Jessica which turned out to be a blast when Jeannine and her cousin Marie who I never get to see anymore showed up.

Theres a new bartender there, one of the rare bartenders I've met in 'the OC' that is actually FRIENDLY. Poor girl forgot I opened up a tab and ended up giving me free drinks most of the nite. Thanks! I tipped her quite well.

I gave her real trouble when I asked for a manhattan, poor thing had to get the book out. I quipped, "They HAVE to teach you how to make those in bartender school." She responded, "I didnt go to bartender school. You dont have to when you have these."
youre missing out
I'd have to agree.

So then me and Chrissie ended up sitting in her car outside my house talking and listening to M-flo till 4am. Somehow I managed to break her winshield with the ball of my pinky toe... yay me. I really wish I thought to take a picture of it.

Today, I aint doing jack. Currently scheming to figure out how I can get life-recovering food (warrior is about to die) without actually having to get dressed and leave the house. Other than that, its just...
youre missing out
FOOTBALL. I call this 'picture outside of picture' lets hear it for computers with TV tuners.
(Oh and yes, I cheated, that pictures from last week. But you get the idea.)

Links of the day!

Sidewalk art wow, you think its some photoshop trick till you get to the bottom...
Family Mart I miss it T-T
Frusion game How bout another flash game? this ones a takeoff on PunhOut- enjoy.