Sunday, October 09, 2005


Got my Security+, 876/900 for 97.3%.
About 80% or more of the questions were DIRECTLY off the practice test program I used. (Transdumper for fellow students.) So yay. This week I'm gonna relax a bit and update my resume while I make my clients happy, then next week probably go to some employment agencies since I seem quite unable to get a job on my own.

I also finally justified getting my Palm Lifedrive. I found a deal on it late last week for $350, and since my crappy Ipod died and my Tungsten T3 is dying, (SD card slot doesnt work and the screen accuracy is off) This should fufil both roles in one easy package, AND give me WiFi! I really cant wait to get it, but I will have to. Because of the great deal that was offered, theyre backordered and I have to wait a month to get it. T-T

Didnt do anything this weekend and really didnt want to, after studying all week I just want to lay around.... Oh wait, I always want to do that...

Probably gonna rebuild my network a bit too (with the newfound confidence of my new cert) Harden my domain server and get my Astaro router back up and running. (new version 6 yay)

Other than that, my life is as boring as always, but I kinda like it that way.

Links of the day!

How bout some links for dog lovers.
Neuticles Do you love your dog this much?
Dog Condoms I REALLY hope you dont love your dog THIS much.
Ok, enough dogs, how about some
Fruit that sums up every relationship I've ever been in.
Once again tho,
Get Winston an Ipod He's worth it.

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