Sunday, November 13, 2005

Murphy loves me

Hi, and welcome to another long overdue post.
This time its not because I have nothing going on in my life, this time its because I have too much.

So rather than a HUGE post lets do the highlights.

Jeannine went to Italy for 11 days and me and her other friend Lydia house-sat her smelly, hyper dogs. The dogs came out of the groomers smelling like a bar of dial the day before they left, and 3 days later smelled like ass for the rest of the time. I am a pet lover mind you, as is evidinced by the fact I still pet them and paid them lots of attention dispite the fact they stunk and I am alergic.

Lydia... is pretty cool actually, I've never really liked her for one reason or another, but we got along quite well. I still dont 'get' her, but I definately like her better.

The big news however, is I GOT A JOB. (FINALLY DAMNIT) I shall be a 'Neurology Tech Support Specialist' at Nihon Koden of America. Basically a fancy title for phone tech support guy for their software/hardware that monitors brain waves, mostly in epileptics, so the doctor can find the offending peice of brain and cut it out.

Career wise its a bit of a step down, but its FAR more stable and pays better than what I do now, and its SOOO CLOOOOSE to home. I was hoping once I got a regular job I could use my commute to listen to my audiobooks, but I pretty much will only have time for 'This is Audible...' and I'll be there.

I told them I needed the rest of last week to finish up my clients, and I did. Leaving them is bittersweet, I will miss them and being a consultant.

I've been doing lots of other stuff too, studying for more computer certs, Japanese, and many other random running around. Also now that I will have a steady income stream, I am playing with my money. ^^

So now on to the title of this. I start work tomorrow morning at 8am, a time I am accoustomed to waking up at, not being at work at. Thats ok tho, I can handle it...

but last nite around 5pm I started feeling weird.. just.. weird. I couldnt quite describe it. I was joking quoting Fry from Futurama saying 'Does everything taste purple?' but ya, it was just weird.

Yup, sure enough, as the night goes on I get sicker and sicker. On the day before my first new job in like 5 yrs. Thanks Murphy.

Links of the day!

Once again, I have a ton.
A parody on the power rangers that is just wonderful
God is living in Japan who knew Japan was a Jewish country? Hey, millions of otakus cant be wrong.
PopStation A video review of what is going to be the PSP killer.
Japanese Vending Machines A tribute to them and the weird things they contain.

After work tomorrow I have Japanese class till 10, but I hope to find time to blog on my 1st day at work. See ya then.

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