Thursday, May 24, 2007

One year old country

One year has passed and an inept, ineffective government with poorly trained and under equiped soldiers struggle to figure out what to do next. Many if not most of the population still wishes the old regime was in power. Without outside help, the old regime would indeed still be in power, because the under educated, unsofisticated, rural population, most of which live just over the poverty line, either dont know how or dont care enough to do anything for themselves.

It truly is a pitiful state of affairs. It makes you wonder why we even bothered.

Yes, Iraq's new government is a year old as of a couple days ago. But I was actually describing another country- America. I won't say that there aren't obvious differences between the two situations, but I think looking at the similarities is worth some time.

One of the big differences is of course that the war in Iraq was externally stimulated instead of internally. But as much as everyone hates the French, without them we might still be England's property. Probably a lot of other places as well. Our break away inspired a good chunk of the British empire that they could do it too. Which, coincidentally is what we are going for in Iraq, inspiring the surrounding countries to come out of the stone age.

Another big difference is that if Iraq ever DOES get it together, they will be filthy stinking rich. American soldiers were ready to mutiny after the war as the government had no money to pay them (and no ability to collect taxes) and they returned home under threat of debters prison.

I could go on, but instead why not do a little reading and think for yourself? Here is a great place to start: American history: Formation of the United States of America So much of what we read today is so very biased. While Wikipedia isnt perfect, it's quite a bit better than the nightly news, no matter what station.

As I stated there ARE signifigant differences, but we dont expect a one or even ten year old child to fend for itself. We started this, for right or wrong and whatever your opinions we should do it right. One thing to learn from reading just a bit further back in American history is why we were able to break away from Britan. Besides the help of the French at sea, the big help for the colonials was that Britan fought with one hand tied behind their back. Much as we do now.

I dont usually get into politics here, but I do have strong beliefs, and almost wish I was old enough to run for president- because every candidate I have heard is an absolute idiot on at least half of the issues.

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