Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wii! And holidays

Well, I'm officially 30 now. So I cant be trusted. That's ok, I never could, but now people know it, which sucks.

Thankfully my birthday present to myself makes me feel like a kid again. The Wii seriously rocks. I cant stop playing Zelda. The fishing mini-game alone is worth the price of admission. I am really hopeful for the first person shooter genera too, but I got my butt kicked on CoD3 in hard mode. Not used to the control style yet I guess, keep wanting to rest my hand, which makes me look at the ground...

It was also my friend Beverly's birthday as well as her husbands coming home party and yesterday was my brothers birthday. And of course Thanksgiving! Its diet time, I am the heaviest I have ever been, and while I wouldn't put myself in any obese category, I know better than to let it get that far.

In bad news, I have resigned myself to failing a class this semester. I simply missed too much and have no idea wth is going on. I also didn't buy the book because he said it was optional... Oh well I will retake it.

I also need to fix this site, it is completely broken in IE7 because of IE6 quirks mode. I just have no ideas for a new design, and even if i did I have no time to code it. I'm too busy playing with my Wii!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last week was my first trip to Vegas since I was about 15. Quite a different place. I was out there for training for work, from Tuesday thru Friday afternoon so it was not just a big party. Still had fun. Voodoo lounge seemed cool (though expensive, but nothing about Vegas is not expensive) and the rides at the Stratosphere rocked. The sea-saw off the side of a 109 story building was one of the simplest yet best rides I've ever seen.

I am not much for gambling, but I ended up sinking $50 into video poker my last day as I waited for my work-mates to go to the Stratosphere with me. All in all it was pretty fun, I would like to go back for some leisure time with friends some weekend.

The ride home was not as fun. After a delayed flight, I landed in a closed airport and ended up spending 2 hours on the tarmac (or however you spell that) waiting for planes to move so I could get the heck off. Meanwhile they made it easier for us, not by serving us alcohol (stupid FAA regulations about serving alcohol on the ground) but by playing MUZAK. We went from being stuck in an airplane to being stuck in an elevator. Everyone was voting with their attendant call buttons against the music, and thankfully they finally heard.

Sitting next to me was a rather attractive older woman with a British accent. I considered asking her if she wanted to join the 10ft high club for my amusement, but decided it would make the rest of the 'flight' (what do you call it when you are on the ground? Taxi?) too uncomfortable. Links below.


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