Monday, December 12, 2005

Work is hard

Hard @ work, playin on irc

Monday, December 05, 2005

Somebody stop me!

The Mask references aside, seriously, I need help.

So I got my first steady paycheck in forever, and got final checks from my two major clients as well, which about equaled another paycheck. Was I smart and put it all away for my next rainy day?

Of course not, I've been on a toy buying spree.

Not entirely my fault, theres just soo many things over the past year or so that I have said to myself 'I can get it when I get a new job' and of course here we are.

So what have I bought? Well I started out smart. Putting $500 into savings and buying some work clothes and nice new belts, and I decided to get a Nvidia 6800 Ultra video card since my friend found a deal on the anandtech forums and its a good time to upgrade, afterall, a faster AGP video card will probably never be made.

Then it got interesting, deals came my way. Last Monday, I found the dell 2005fpw 21" flatscreen for the cheapest I have ever seen it $599 - 25% - 100 + free shipping = $360 shipped. Normally thats to much for me on comptuer parts, but I spent $450 on my 19" CRT 5 years ago and it has lasted me beautifully, but gained a scratch near the center a few months ago. Since I spent less than $100/year on the last monitor, this new one was deemed worth it. I also bought a 6 bottle inverted liquor dispenser on sale for $30 at Linnens and Things on Black Friday.

My Palm Lifedrive is also finally going to go thru. Meaning another big hit to my bank account, but I've been drooling over this forever. (I have wanted wifi in my palm for two years.)

Then came the real toy. Frys had a sale of a Nintendo DS with Mario Kart and 2 crap games (some poker crap and Madden 2005) for $159. So on Saturday I went and got that too.

But honestly, blowing my first paycheck on toys is fine. I have no bills and I deserve to celebrate a bit.

Am I done? Hell no, I have a new game machine to feed. Gonna go get Metroid and Castlevania at lunch today and maybe get up to frys for a Linksys WRT54G (on sale for $30 till tomorrow) between work and class.

Oh and work? I'm there now. I love the place but really wish I was more useful, I have nothing to do so far today. Almost makes me want to whip out my DS...

Links of the day!

theyre hard to do at work, but I have a few on my iPod/glorified usb thumbrive
Sweet Backgrounds of Tokyo and other areas of Japan. Ya it's in Japanese, but pictures are pretty universal.
Alive in Kyoto a photography site/blog/more backgrounds. Didn't have a huge ammount of time to check it out but it seems promising
Military cutbacks shouldnt have to cause this

Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny story of the day

[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so funny story of the day
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> actually yday
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i rebooted after 11 weeks
[20:58] <+thatguy> k
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and was thinking 'watch my comp not boot'
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i get this 'windows cannot access the boot partition' error
[20:58] <+thatguy> ahaha
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> oooohhhhkkkkaaayyyyy
[20:58] <+Tenchi[BOT]> fear
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i shut it off and continue my phone conversation
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> an hour later when i was off the phone, it boots right up
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i have a login prompt
[20:59] <+thatguy> nice
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i cant remember my password....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i try all these different passwords, then finally just log on as Administrator
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> as the admin acct is loading i remember
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> duh
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> there is no password.....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i log off
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ....
[21:00] <@Natsuki-Chan> !list
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> um...
[21:00] <+thatguy> nice.
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> but, last time i formatted i fucked up and installed xp home, and put a string of gobledy gook as my registered to name, which becomes login name
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ed....for the first time i can actually say it
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> you idiot
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[21:00] lol
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i now know my pword, but not my username, and ive LONG since gotten rid of that retarded welcome screen
[21:00] * +RoTeNdO ( Quit (Quit: So when I'm lost in a crowd~ I hope that you'll pick me out~ I long to be found~ )
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i look all over my room for a peice of paper (turned out to be a napkin) that i wrote it down on 2 months ago and finally found it
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i remember- duh, log on as administrator and i can see the username....
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> in short: my uptime was so good, i forgot how to reboot

*And yes, I am BeDRoaCH

Links of the day!

Weird sex laws hey, why not
Cybersex! anybody wanna go out for a burger?
Holliday Lights no its not a trojan, (points to those who get the reference) just some guy with waaaay too much time on his hands

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yesterday was my birthday

My family all showed up and so did Jeannine, Crissie and Lydia and we went out to Ling & Louies Asian Bar and Grill in the Irvine Spectrum (formerly Taifoon, with exact same menu, they actually think the new name is better)

Many drinks and much spicy food later, my family left and me and the girls went to The Yard House. (also in Irvine's Rectum) The plan was to have a couple (more) drinks then go see Hairy Potter since the bars close early.

But by the time closing time came around, we weren't going to waste time seeing a movie we wouldnt remember, and my friend Greg had called cuz he is down for the holliday from San Francisco, so we went out to another local bar, Patsy's. That bar closed soon after we got there, and it was about 12:30 which would have been a good time for me to go to bed so I could work the next day, but instead we went to Time Out Tavern.. er... somewhere... and I got home at ~2:30am.

All in all it was a BLAST, but today wasnt. Back up at 6am and at work at 8 to my job which I love but would love it a lot more if I knew what the hell I was doing. There wasnt too much for me to do, tho I did get to call a couple clients for simple things. Went home for lunch and lost track of time and got back almost an hour late....... nice work for the end of my 8th day huh.

Got my first paycheck today too, I started work at the perfect time, last Monday was the beginning of the new pay period and I got paid today (Wednesday) for two weeks because I have Thursday and Friday off. Now if the money would just show up in my checking acct....

Anyway I'm headed out tonite to see all the guys at Patsy's again should be fun.

Oh ya- what did I get?
A 60gb Video Ipod engraved from my parents, some shopping money at Nordstroms from my sister and F.E.A.R DVD edition from my brother. And lots of free drinks from my friends ^^

Links of the day!

Ok, so I really am not much on the computer lately, so its getting touger and tougher to get good links.
The Kingdom of Loathing Try out this ghetto style MMORPG and let me know how it is (Ive been meaing to try it for months) supposed to be quite fun
Who needs a gym ya this ones super old, but maybe theyll have clinical trials for humans soon then... I voulenteer.
Darkness Doesnt exactally inspire you to fear that psycho does it?

Friday, November 18, 2005


Well so much for blogging Monday, thats definately my busy day.
Left for work at 7:30am was home for half an hour, then off to Japanese class. Got home at 10pm. Sleep was more important.

But the jobs pretty cool, after 2 days of reading for my pre-med degree I didnt ask for, I got to do some stuff, most notably translate some Japanese software to English so they could replace a program that only works on windows 95.

Imagine that, I never woulda guessed I'd get hired at a JAPANESE company to translate J->E. You'd think there are far more qualified people.
And there are.. but they're the big-wigs with better things to do, and honestly their English skills may be in question...
Maybe they should just call the vice president of the company every time they want to reprogram an EKG machine...

But ya, anyway, pretty good. Yesterday I was ready for bed @ ~8pm... this whole getting up before dawn thing is new...

This weekend I want to party.. but its Friday night and here I am drinking by myself. Yay me.
Tomorrow I guess I'm invoted to go out to the Inland Empire to get really drunk listening to some band I've never heard of with a few good friednds. But theres a chance I could see Yoshi from my days in Japan- she's supposed to be out here as of Thursday for a few days... but I think she'll have better things to do than call me, esp since it wasn't her that told me...


Links of the day!

Not like I'd ever reproduce, but if I did I'd get these
Bush Rocks! you know its true
Your sexual problems and those you're closely related to

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Murphy loves me

Hi, and welcome to another long overdue post.
This time its not because I have nothing going on in my life, this time its because I have too much.

So rather than a HUGE post lets do the highlights.

Jeannine went to Italy for 11 days and me and her other friend Lydia house-sat her smelly, hyper dogs. The dogs came out of the groomers smelling like a bar of dial the day before they left, and 3 days later smelled like ass for the rest of the time. I am a pet lover mind you, as is evidinced by the fact I still pet them and paid them lots of attention dispite the fact they stunk and I am alergic.

Lydia... is pretty cool actually, I've never really liked her for one reason or another, but we got along quite well. I still dont 'get' her, but I definately like her better.

The big news however, is I GOT A JOB. (FINALLY DAMNIT) I shall be a 'Neurology Tech Support Specialist' at Nihon Koden of America. Basically a fancy title for phone tech support guy for their software/hardware that monitors brain waves, mostly in epileptics, so the doctor can find the offending peice of brain and cut it out.

Career wise its a bit of a step down, but its FAR more stable and pays better than what I do now, and its SOOO CLOOOOSE to home. I was hoping once I got a regular job I could use my commute to listen to my audiobooks, but I pretty much will only have time for 'This is Audible...' and I'll be there.

I told them I needed the rest of last week to finish up my clients, and I did. Leaving them is bittersweet, I will miss them and being a consultant.

I've been doing lots of other stuff too, studying for more computer certs, Japanese, and many other random running around. Also now that I will have a steady income stream, I am playing with my money. ^^

So now on to the title of this. I start work tomorrow morning at 8am, a time I am accoustomed to waking up at, not being at work at. Thats ok tho, I can handle it...

but last nite around 5pm I started feeling weird.. just.. weird. I couldnt quite describe it. I was joking quoting Fry from Futurama saying 'Does everything taste purple?' but ya, it was just weird.

Yup, sure enough, as the night goes on I get sicker and sicker. On the day before my first new job in like 5 yrs. Thanks Murphy.

Links of the day!

Once again, I have a ton.
A parody on the power rangers that is just wonderful
God is living in Japan who knew Japan was a Jewish country? Hey, millions of otakus cant be wrong.
PopStation A video review of what is going to be the PSP killer.
Japanese Vending Machines A tribute to them and the weird things they contain.

After work tomorrow I have Japanese class till 10, but I hope to find time to blog on my 1st day at work. See ya then.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Got my Security+, 876/900 for 97.3%.
About 80% or more of the questions were DIRECTLY off the practice test program I used. (Transdumper for fellow students.) So yay. This week I'm gonna relax a bit and update my resume while I make my clients happy, then next week probably go to some employment agencies since I seem quite unable to get a job on my own.

I also finally justified getting my Palm Lifedrive. I found a deal on it late last week for $350, and since my crappy Ipod died and my Tungsten T3 is dying, (SD card slot doesnt work and the screen accuracy is off) This should fufil both roles in one easy package, AND give me WiFi! I really cant wait to get it, but I will have to. Because of the great deal that was offered, theyre backordered and I have to wait a month to get it. T-T

Didnt do anything this weekend and really didnt want to, after studying all week I just want to lay around.... Oh wait, I always want to do that...

Probably gonna rebuild my network a bit too (with the newfound confidence of my new cert) Harden my domain server and get my Astaro router back up and running. (new version 6 yay)

Other than that, my life is as boring as always, but I kinda like it that way.

Links of the day!

How bout some links for dog lovers.
Neuticles Do you love your dog this much?
Dog Condoms I REALLY hope you dont love your dog THIS much.
Ok, enough dogs, how about some
Fruit that sums up every relationship I've ever been in.
Once again tho,
Get Winston an Ipod He's worth it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things I learned today

1. Lord of War is a very good movie
2. Girls dont like very good movies
3. All very good movies must have some lame moral judgement usually typed on the screen at the end otherwise girls would be picketing outside
4. lots and lots of security stuff....

Taking Security+ tomorrow, cross your fingers for me.

Links of the day!

Get Winston an Ipod Winston totally rocks, he really deserves one, come on, be a sport.
While youre at it buy me this.
Another flash game this time a Street Fighter 2 ripoff, fun tho.

But seriously- get Winston an Ipod

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A day in pictures

Yesterday was quite eventfull, somehow early in the day I decided to try photo blogging and heres the result.

First I had to go to school (yes on a saturday morning, 9am-noon T-T) and I saw evidence of the RIAA's new pricing ideas for online music downloads.
youre missing out
(Ya ok, it's not easy to take pics while driving- it says "10 songs for $10,000.")

Then I got to school and saw the image that I just HAD to take a picture of.
youre missing out
Sure, I'm probably going to hell, but what else is new, that's hillarious.

I was VERY out of gas so I went to fill up (for $50 UGH) and check out what I saw.
youre missing out

Then grabbed some lunch at what I think is going to be my new favorite place.
youre missing out
Mmm kung pao tofu and edamame.

Then it was time for a long afternoon of grueling napping, in preperation to go out for the nite. Dinner at Fridays then off to 'the Rocks' with Chrissie and Jessica which turned out to be a blast when Jeannine and her cousin Marie who I never get to see anymore showed up.

Theres a new bartender there, one of the rare bartenders I've met in 'the OC' that is actually FRIENDLY. Poor girl forgot I opened up a tab and ended up giving me free drinks most of the nite. Thanks! I tipped her quite well.

I gave her real trouble when I asked for a manhattan, poor thing had to get the book out. I quipped, "They HAVE to teach you how to make those in bartender school." She responded, "I didnt go to bartender school. You dont have to when you have these."
youre missing out
I'd have to agree.

So then me and Chrissie ended up sitting in her car outside my house talking and listening to M-flo till 4am. Somehow I managed to break her winshield with the ball of my pinky toe... yay me. I really wish I thought to take a picture of it.

Today, I aint doing jack. Currently scheming to figure out how I can get life-recovering food (warrior is about to die) without actually having to get dressed and leave the house. Other than that, its just...
youre missing out
FOOTBALL. I call this 'picture outside of picture' lets hear it for computers with TV tuners.
(Oh and yes, I cheated, that pictures from last week. But you get the idea.)

Links of the day!

Sidewalk art wow, you think its some photoshop trick till you get to the bottom...
Family Mart I miss it T-T
Frusion game How bout another flash game? this ones a takeoff on PunhOut- enjoy.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

asexual rant

Ok so first of all, Winston rocks. (start after quote) Not only do we share a brain half the time, he has the courage to say stuff I dont.
So ya, I've been getting accused of being gay lately. Not because I like men, but because I'm just sick of women. And while I'm QUITE sure I wont be the first or last million to complain about the opposite gender on the internet, I'm doing it anyway.

I have had many women friends over the years, and always get complaints about guys using them for sex and not calling. (Most of the time the women are just projecting those intentions on a guy they've known for <1 hour.) What is the reason for this? If they bother to state it, its because men are evil creatures from a parallel dimension. Of course it could have NOTHING to do with the fact that women are royal pains in the ass.

There is an amazing inverse relationship between looks and personality. Its almost not their fault, women who are beautiful are rediculously spoiled all their lives. (men too, but to a lesser extent, since women detect the beauty of other women far more than men do men) Ugly people of both genders need to develop wonderful personalities lest they have no friends.

Modern women are also about the most selfish thing I concieveable. I have a good friend that calls herself a 'traditional girl' which means to her that a man should pay for and do everything, and work his ass off to be rewarded with her time. You know what? men arent stupid. The more women assume they are the more they complain about them because they keep getting outsmarted. Its thinking like hers that leads to the natural (tho SOOO politically incorrect) conclusion that you should put out at the end of the nite-- because HELLO, THERES TWO PEOPLE IN THE RELATIONSHIP, and most people arent into being slaves.

Another thing, men arent women. Seemingly obvious, its not. Guys are NOT detail oriented, you buy a new dress and we cant tell, even worse if you get jewlry, it'll take years. Ever see on tv where the guy says 'I like that new necklace of yours.' and she replies 'I've had this for years.'? It's new to him. You guys wearing womens dickies and frilly shirts to show your feminine side are truly to be pitied, not because youre 'gay' but because youve been taught to develop your feminine side because everything around you tells you the masculine is bad.

Women and men also approach human relationships differently. Women will wonder how men can be friends with that slob hes been friends with since high school. It's the same reason he's still with you. Guys take relationships as decisions. They weigh their options, make a decision, and unless something drastic changes (slow constant changes dont count, those are details) he will stay there.

Women on the other hand need constant reasurement. Everything is wonderful in the relationship until youre sitting on the couch one day and she says 'we need to talk.' It's almost more of a cliche than 'lets just be friends' but women do it anyway.
And when you talk, it turns out that shes upset because two weeks ago she told you there was a tv show she wanted to watch tonite and she sat down with you and you didnt turn it on, in a memory test you didnt know you were participating in.
Sounds rediculous I know, (and it is fictional) but the point is 90% of the complaints fall into two categories:
1. The above test of psychic powers. Women for all their lauded skill in conversation, will sit there icy quiet while we watch tv and expect us to pick up on their vibe. Guess what, we're watching tv. Two years later when she DOES say something, its far too late because she wants to punish him for her two years of heartache, which is a natural human reaction except for the fact she brought it on herself. Trust me, we guys will tell you when the football game is on.
2. 'You dont pay enough attention to me.' This is oh-so-fun. Often this isnt even actions, its words. Guys will work their ass off all their lives for a woman. And one day she will say this to him. Why? Because 90% of the stuff you DO doesnt matter. Its far more what you say. But guys you have to meter it! Because it also has to be new and different all the time. If you tell her you love her every morning as you leave for work, she will ask you someday how come you never tell her shes pretty. And if its actually about doing something, then amazingly going to work everyday to a job you hate, buying her whatever home furnishings or clothes she wants, taking her out to dinner, etc, magically doesnt count. Why? Who knows, I'm not a woman.

This is also a good portion of the reason the assholes get the women. See they generally have nothing, so they do little and when they do do something it stands out, and theyre mean to everyone (including her) so when they ARE nice it once again stands out. I guess its all about expectations.

Lastly, women of this area. I generally think of myself as quick witted, but can never really think of the things I want to say when it counts. The bet example is with women of this area. (Orange County, Ca, as seen on tv) Within 5 minutes of meeting, you will hear 'what do you do?', 'where do you live', 'what kind of car do you have', or similar. Most guys just drop these answers to preempt them if they have anything worthy to say. I can never really think of good answers to these, such as 'I'm a displaced aligator wrestler from New Orleans.' when I need them. But its usually because I'm instantly annoyed.

In summation, if you girls wonder where the 'nice guys' are, its as I've always said. Young girls like assholes, and older women like nice guys. So young nice guys become old jaded assholes. But it's ok, I like being an asshole.

Zain has been using me as Cerano DeBergerac (I have NO IDEA how to spell French names, sound it out.) to some girl he found on facebook. I bet after this I loose a customer ^^ I'm actually pretty good at this stuff, but only as a 3rd party.

Ok, I should probably pay attention to my boring Saturday morning Computer Hardware class, one hour down!

Links of the day!

As I said, I'm not at home where the links are, heres one Mina sent me last nite tho. (and I might edit this later for more.)
Oregon Trail go back in time to Jr High with this old school apple emulator, theres a ton more games there too.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I tried to pick up Jesus in a movie theatre

ya ya its been ages. Not much going on in my life. Basically just studying computers and Japanese and hangin out a bit. Got my A+ in the process, now on to the Security+.

But yesterday I had a religious experience. Saw a good wholesome movie about waiting till youre married for sex (40yr old Virgin) with Jeannine, then afterwards waited while she powdered her nose or whatever women do in the bathroom (since my friend Adam believes they dont poop) and I saw it...

In one of those tomogochi (capsule toys for the westerners) thingies, they had really crappy cheezy light-up jewlry. But on the outside box..... there it was


I had to have it, and spent $6 (thats 6 toys, such a ripoff) trying to get it, even prommised never to take it off again, but as I learned long ago they never put the toys in the picture IN the damned capsules. (Isn't that false advertising?) So the best I could do is take a pic and make it my cell phone background. (Tried to blog this with my cell last nite but cingular email fails).

Tonite is just tv nite, adult swim gets a lot of crap but I love em. This holiday weekend sucks.

My friend in Japanese class also hunted down this,
ecchi bevis

Its a pic from the Genki 2 book (without the words) in a chapter that focuses on '___ did ___ to ____'. For those of us who wondered whatever happened to Bevis, hes now in Japan molesting innocent looking Japanese guys.


My friend John has a good friend Chef (nickname) that pointed out that in those Sketchers comercials, they eat the shoe and then it slides down their leg and onto their foot. So then the shoes are coming out their......

then I saw another comericial tonight and I could never figure out just what it was about it. Tonight I did.

<@eDRoaCH> apparently the army is desperately seeking people who know how to get to safe mode
<+Sky> safe mode?
<@eDRoaCH> youd have to see the comercial
<@eDRoaCH> cops driving around, seemingly asking for leads on a suspect
<@eDRoaCH> then they find him in a group of kids on the street and turn on their lights
<@eDRoaCH> he comes over and the 2nd cop says 'it crashed again'
<@eDRoaCH> he reaches over and says 'reboot in safe mode with f8'
<@eDRoaCH> next shot hes some army radar specialist
<@eDRoaCH> i think the radar only works in safe mode
<+Sky> hahahah sux
<@eDRoaCH> AEGIS- the worlds most advanced weapons syst.. er wait how do i get to safe mode again?

Links of the day!

wow, been ages, theyre all getting old
Famous People Who Were Bedwetters I think theyre cheating on FDR, he had pollio for god sakes.
Galvinize This game rocks litterally, Chemical Brothers game for their new single.
Spore ooooh, me like.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

freaky friday

Ever have the feeling someone was watching you?

Ever have your eyes play tricks on you in the dark?

The answer is probably yes (for all 3 of my readers) but...

Ever have them both happen to you at once?

Friday nite I went to sleep pretty late. I awoke, sort of, and had the distinct feeling someone was watching me. Even what direction it was comming from. I said I 'sort of' awoke, because I was still sleep paralyzed. The feeling was strong enough to make it worth the effort to me to shake myself into movement so I did and looked in the direction I felt it from.

Straight off to the left of my bed is my desk, with a poster above the side and a light (was off) just below it, then the desk.

I saw a full body of a man in a white dress shirt standing there staring at me. It was 4am. I KNEW what WAS there, and I stared and stared, but could only see the man. Kinda freaked me out, but since I'm not really afraid of ghosts/whatnot (jurys out on wether I believe in them) I just went back to sleep. Later I looked over and saw it again, but that time I might have been dreaming. Ever since every time I wake up at night I look and cant see it at ALL.

Contrast that to Sunday morning, the very next sleep-night, where I woke up durring a dream of being in a circle with my family and a bunch of strangers at some weird outdoor zoo where we were watching some baby hippos on the grass playing. (was I guess the point of this area of the 'zoo') Someone in our group threw something of my brothers into the circle, and he had to go retrieve it, but was being scared off by a baby hippo (was about half the size of what I believe a hippo to be) who seemed playful about it but could easily crush him. I woke up to laughing in my dream as I tried to film the scene with my camera.

Im such a weirdo.

Nothing else going on, I'm poor and studying for computer certifications (A+ hardware test at noon tomorrow) while waiting for school to start.

Links of the day!

erm.. I dont know what to say about this one, cept I've been constantly returning to it for the past two days. Someone needs to make a game about throwing ugly people off tall buildings, it would be addictive.
I still hate Firefox but their videos are cool.
pure conjecture by someone with too much time on their hands. Still, well done

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

a good day

Yesterday was fun.

Woke up early and played white knight to one of my clients computer problems. (Oh forgetful windows, thats a network card you have there..)

On the way there and back (far client, bout half an hour each way) I listened to an interesting audiobook about human psycology. Titled 'How to Get Anyone to do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again' its quite full of itself, but also full of interesting stuff in simple steps. If you have an mp3 player and find it enables you to get sick of music at a rate previously un-imagined, check out an audible account, its pretty cool. (Just check the book lists to make sure they have stuff you want first.)

Got home and decided to lay out in the sun for awhile while I listened to another audio book, 'The Art of Seduction' which is also quite interesting. (Hmm.. a theme in my books, new skill time I guess)

All sun charged and feeling good, I spent some time looking for a job, and called back an interesting offer to be a financial consultant for American Express.
It's probably not what I'm looking for, as I've heard its all comission based, but theres a certification you need that they give you 6 months to get, so if the hourly is good durring that time I may go for it as a tide-me-over. It's also stuff that I would like to learn for my own life. Interview-type-thingy (computer test on 'is it wrong to steal from companies?' and ~45 min description of job followed by possible interviews) tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

At night, went to Hennesys in Dana Point which I loved, big outdoor bar with a huge firepit. Kim and Jessica were there, Jessica just getting back from a week in Costa Rica. (JEALOUS!) Kim invited me to her 4th of July BBQ.

That ended early and we went to Freds cantina (not sure of exact name) on the corner of Main and PCH in Hunnington (Newport?) Beach. If you sample all 50 of their tequillas, you get a free trip to Cabo San Lucas. Couple catches tho, one being you can only do 5 shots a day, the other being the last 3 shots are $50, $85 and $150 each. They said that ya, youre buying your trip, but at least you're having fun doing it. I have to agree.
Marie and Danny, Jeannine's cousins were there, we played some pool and drank too much.

Today was also nice, did a little shopping and because of a 40% off sale, I now have Victorias Secret underwear. (they're boxers you pervs) I bet not too many guys can say that.

I also met a notible moron. Going to dinner with Jeannine, I parked next to a rather large truck with a pair of plastic nuts hanging off the trailer hitch, and of course a Texas liscence plate. We went in and Jeannine spotted him right away eating by himself. She asked what the heck that was, and he yelled out 'Nuts!' in a way that really needed a 'yuk yuk' after it.
Hmm, giant truck, WITH PLASTIC NUTS HANGING OFF IT? I usualy dont make these insinuations, but that just SCREAMS 'My big truck is a replacement for my tiny endowment'

Oh ya, and I didnt even have to use my AK.

Links of the day!

The Horror! I know some people who will be saddened by this, its good thats not my favorite part.
Amazon house party Pretty cool, if I'm around I'll def be there.
Breaking news! Adam sent me this while I was writing this, pretty damn cool but a bit expensive.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Best freudian slip ever

So last night I went out to the local bar (the one that hasnt burned down) with a few people that I really had only met a few times before, so it was slightly uncomfortable at times yet lots of fun.

ANYWAY, was talking with this girl for a minute and didnt think I had met her before, but with my bad memory I have to hedge my bets. She was attractive but I wasnt all ga-ga or anything, tho I dont think I came off that way... Dialouge follows.

eD: 'I dont think we've met before, I'm David.' (reaching out to shake hand, I'm such a dork)
her: 'No, we havent, I'm Jessica.' (shaking said hand, thinking what a dork I am)
eD: 'Jessica... ok, but I have to warn you I'm very bad with names, so please be with me'

er,,,, bear with me......

we both gigled about it a bit, it was completely unintentional but whatever, I'm sure she thinks it was what was on my mind.

They say the most important skill people learn is the ability to laugh at themselves. In my case its true. If I couldnt I woulda jumped off a cliff long ago.

In other news:
Thanks to Misty, another girl who I met last night and gave me her email, I will soon have one of those trendy rubber bracelets that everyone wears for their favorite cause (or more likely the cause they think will make everyone think good things about them) shes got GREEN ONES (I think theyre green, was a bit dark last nite...) and theyre for wellness, which will hopefully counteract my goodness and badness to even me out. :P

Video game geekiness- I got a GBA in the mail thru a forum trade yesterday. It was an orig Game Boy Advance, a 512mB romcart, and a usb linker, with other fun accessories, for $85 shipped. Mind you the rom cart alone is about $125. So what the hell is all of it? Simple, the linker plugs into your computer like a drive that reads GBA games and can copy them to the romcart which can hold about 4-10 games (Games range in size from 32mB to 128mB) meaning that I now have 1800 new games to play in my bathroom. (Brittneys dance beat in german here I come!)

I also bought Farcry today because my friend has been demanding I get it for about a month now and its on sale at bestbuy for $15 this week. I dont have the hard drive space to install it tho.....

Links of the day!

So sad to see you go.. oh wait, no it isnt.
Japanese 101 wonderful gramar site, tho it kinda throws a lot at you to start. (you can do it!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I spent all my money T-T

But I got lots of new clothes! ^_^

went to Robinsons May with Jeannine on sunday and spent far too much money. However I got good clothes and I've REALLY been needing to buy some nice clothes for awhile.

Also almost everything I got was on sale.

So now that I'm all pimped out, I need a date :P

Links of the day!

Hmmm I need a vacation too....
MMM desk Not quite what I'd want, and probably a ripoff anyway.
E3 Featuring the only thing most of you care about from the show

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Happy freakin birthday...

Well, if youre reading this in the morning (PST) and the site still looks like crap (well more than usual, with broken images across the top) I might kill my webhost.

You see, today was's first birthday, including paying for another year.

Well. It seems they charged my account successfully, but here it is at 2am the day after and my website doesnt resolve........

FTP still works, I'm backing up the website now.

Somebodys gonna die...

Links of the day!


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pilosophy 301

Ok, maybe I think to highly of myself with the '3' part of the title, after all these questions and answers are a few thousand years old.

And before I go on 2 items.
1. Congrats Andrea on your masters degree in HR, your 'new housemaid' that you got mad at me over last nite because I wouldnt tell you what it is will arrive tomorrow. (she needed a vaccum and I'm a geek so...) (gift inspired by Cara, link at right)
2. I GOT AN A IN JAPANESE 3! I swear my teacher cant do math, theres no way I deserved an A, but I'll take it. This gives me my 1st ever 4.0 semester, yay.

The other day I realized something about some ultra religious people, although it definately doesnt apply only to them, they just helped me realize it. (btw the people that unknowingly helped me realize this DID NOT fall into this category, and thus had me wondering why.)

It's how you see the world. If you see the world as generally evil, and yourself good, then you're just an egotist when it comes down to it. The other group of people who could see the world as evil would do so to excuse their evilness, also not good.

Targen (link at right, get it yourself) was quick to point out this is rather old philosophy, dividing the world into Self, other, and general. I had heard that before but I guess somehow forgot it, so this was still a revelation to me.

Anyway it inspired some rare inteligent chat in the chanel I hang out in. ( I came to some other realizations thru it.

For a long time I have tried to think of what the world would be like if it was 'perfect.' After all, its pretty damned perfect as it is. Sure theres war, famine and other assorted stuff, but I think those things are needed to keep a balance. But there is something everyone spends their whole life looking for, usually without knowing. It's why Bill Gates gets up every morning and fights his heart out, (lol I can hear flames) why people become drug addicts, why people will do anything to get laid, even why we build families and go to church.

It is something only the most successful human beings can hold on to for even a short time.

It is, simply, Joy.

It's beyond happiness, or love, or any other simple (ha!) emotion. Joy is just when everything feels right with the world, and you can accept it for all its faults and lackings. In fact, the lackings are PART of the joy, it helps one see what IS there.

So the new question is, what would the world be like if everyone had a sense of joy? This is a hard one. It's easy to say 'there would be no war, no dissagreements, and everyone would always be happy and play nice.' Would they? Would there not always be something to fight for and against? Would a sense of joy mean everyone had the same opinion, or that different opinions never contradicted eachother? I'm not so sure.

So thats youre homework. If youre actually reading this then comment below on your thoughts or blog about it yourself. But think about it. The easy answers are usually worhtless.

Links of the day!

na, lets stay philisophical

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A plea for help

My life seems to be entirely defined by computer problems.

In work, thats what I do. They call me when something breaks and I fix it. Over the years, I have gotten quite good at that and so theres less and less problems (and $, someone hire me damnit)

At home, I'm just too damned complicated. ~1tb of space spread out over 3 main comps and 2-3 other random ones that are usually on my network for one reason or another.

And its ALWAYS PROBLEMS. TV comp's (hooked to tv, and its WONDERFUL when it works) power supply died about 2 weeks ago, so I have a 300w in there from another comp that cant POSSIBLY hope to handle the 6 hds and 2 cdroms AND ATI AIW it has in it, so most of my data drives are inaccessable to me.

Fine, sucks, but when I can scrape the cash together its easily fixed. But the other day windows refused to boot, telling me its missing some file and to run the windows setup recovery console. Oh yes thank you microsoft for such a useless recovery option. Did you guys miss DOS or what?

And my main comp.... I just do too much weird crap too often so it needs a format like every 3 months... and I'm sick of it.

My WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL p2 233 server (1st comp I ever built and I love it to death) NEVER has problems. Running w2k I had it up for over a year once till the power went out.

So I've put 2 80gb drives and mirrored them and I want to put all my critical data on it, which means moving my My Documents folder over and telling windows to look over there.

Well, stupid windows just HAS to 'Sync' the folder, meaning it copies it to the C drive for my convinience lest the server is inaccessable. Nice, but I DONT HAVE THE SPACE ON MY C: for that. I had 0kb free today...

So I had to undo it and put them back on the local D drive as they were before.

So I need help- I'm not stupid, you can shut off folder syncronization- except for my documents apparently, the option to do so is greyed out.

Need fix please...

Links of the day!

MasaMania An internet journalist with horrible english but fun stuff
Ring of saturn Lots of cool geeky stuff here
A JET's life in Kyoto Even if you dont know what JET is, youll find this hillarious (and slightly disturbing)

Thursday the 12th vs Friday the 13th

So I had this Japanese class end of semester party thing to go to, and didnt want to brave it alone. Not that its horrible, just nice to have a backup plan.

So Wednesday I asked my friend Jeannine on a 'date' because everyone thinks we're dating anyway. She turned me down cuz she had plans with her man.

Thurs afternoon she calls me and she wants to go, man issues (not describing them :P) have her free. So its a date...

and if anything was ever a first date, I this was.

As much as I love lots of aspects of Japanese culture, me being a vegitarian and theirs being a sea-faring nation means I cant eat 90% of their food. So we went to Typhoon (mmm lettuce wraps) 1st.

As I get off the freeway, my car starts steaming profusely, yay. I joked with her I will now do the typical man thing and open the hood and stare at all the crap that I have NO CLUE to its function. Well this one was obvious, as I opened the hood the now trickle of steam was comming out of the GAPING crack in the top of the radiatior. Whatever, we ate, we shal deal with it afterwards, car can cool down anyway.

Of course getting the fabled lettuce wraps (and no I dont have any clue how to spell lettuce nor will I spell check it) the 1st one bursts all over my shirt. Wheee. Well, we'll be switching cars anyway I can switch shirts.

So we go back to my car and I put a 20 bottle of water into an empty radiator (I'm such a mechanic!!) and gingerly drive back to Jeannines to switch cars. From there we stop at my house to switch shirts (me switching mine, not us trading :P) and head off.

The dinner was pretty fun, despite bad service. (We had the 'white corner' and there was a marked difference.) Most of my interaction was with Jeannine tho, and we ditched the after-dinner kareoke. Grabbed a coffee and complained about our problems in life and then back to her house to talk a lil more (just that :P) and bail. Had to stop 3x on a 5 min drive home for my poor car.

So to recap, that was 2 cars, 2 shirts, 2 restraunts. (and prob at least 2lb more on my gut)

FRI- Ok, I hid, got my car fixed (new radiator cha-cha-cha and as a side note JIFFYLUBE SUCKS) (thats not where I got the work done tho) and just hung out at home (trapped) and played the FMA PS2 game I downlo.. er got the other day.

I did test my luck a bit, I pointed a hand mirror at my bathroom mirror. Read in a manga (Urasei Yatsura translated) that a devil was supposed to pop out if mirrors were pointed at eachother on Fri 13th. Obviously nothing happened.

But thats it. I think Fri wins.

Todays Sun, but its only 3 hrs into it so I have no verdict. Yesterday was my sister Andreas birthday but I wont see her till her Masters degree graduation next sat (gift ideas anyone?) Yesterday was pretty cool, put the new tape drive in my main clients server and all went well, and I'm just getting home from Scott callin me up at ~11:30pm to come hang out.

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it, not that you care.

Links of the day!

doesnt my site prove it :P
Anyone who downloaded Opera over this crap should be ashamed of themselves.
Nintendo has grown up, and I like it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

still here

Yup, didnt go anywhere, lifes been quite boring.

Just got home from taking my Japanese 3 final, think I did pretty good except for the writing part where I couldnt think of anything, so I joked a bit about Link from Legend of Zelda (was supposed to be a biography of your favorite person)

Whatever, its over, and tho I'm still very bad at Japanese, I have gotten better.

Now I shal have time to do all the things I've been saying I will do when the semester is over, like working on this pitiful website of mine and getting some certifications so I can FINALLY GET A JOB.

We shal see if it actually happens...

Links of the day!

Make some money They apparently dont want mine, as I always get a MySQL error (thats geek for their website sucks)
Are you geek enough? I bet you could make some money on ebay with these in a few months...
Kinky! *Note: irivers do this without fancy contraptions

Saturday, April 30, 2005


I want to be the first to bring this to you. Life has been discovered on Mars.

No other site will tell you such relevant and important information. Why? Because they lack vision, the kind of vision only growing up in the 80's can bring you.

You see, Link is lost on Mars. I can only theorize as to how this happened, but the valiant yet unfortunate elf boy has apparently had a malfunction of his flute, and is now wandering Mars endlessly trying to find his way home.

Dont believe me huh? I'm not supprized, it is incredible. But I have visual evidence!
And not just one, but two!

I was unable to reach Nintendo for a response, mostly because my Japanese sucks and I didnt try. (but mostly the first)

This irrefutable evidence comes from NASA itself. Just look at the URL in your browser for proof. I hereby swear under oath to your god that this is factual, and once again remember, you heard it here first.

Links of the day!

THIS is the greatest LOTD I have ever posted.
A poem that all too acurately explains my life
How cool is this? All you germophobes will love this

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nihon no hon wo yonda, yatta!

Today I am happy. I finished my book.

Now, me actually FINISHING a book (as opposed to starting) is an accomplishment in itself, usually I read about 1/5th to 1/3rd and get bored with it, but this book is special.

Its my first book in Japanese. ^^
Ok, its not a BOOK like er- Stephen King or Charles Dickens,(thx KoshNaranek for solving my brain fart on authors names) but its not See Spot Run either. Its a manga, a Japanese comic for the un-initiated, this particular one is Full Metal Alchemist #1.

It has furigana (pronunciation notes next to the kanji for kids and foreigners like me) and thru using my dictionary as sparingly as possible, and also knowing a fair amount of the story from watching the English dubbed anime on TV, I would say I understood about 70% of it.

Which is fine with me, I do hope that number grows.

At first it was slow going. I'm a slow reader even in English (high comprehension rate compensates for it) but even tho I study Japanese a lot, real world usage opportunities for me are quite low. It had lots of non-commonly used language (the story line is somewhat fantastic, having to do with Alchemy) but I trudged thru it.

Last night, I read an entire chapter (~40 pages) before bed, then woke up and read the last chapter (about the same) this morning. I can see my reading speed, accuracy and recognition increase already, so its quite fun.

On the other hand, I know I've said this before, but I really really really really really (etc etc) cant speak a friggin word of Japanese anymore. I get tongue tied and lost with the simplest things.

I think its a self inflicted curse, because I used to joke that I would rather be able to ask the cute girl what the sign said and understand her answer than learn 2000 kanji. But really, I have no chance to speak Japanese commonly, and the rare occasions it comes up I am WAY shy about it, even in class. There's no Japanese 4 next semester, so I will probably take the conversation class instead and work thru it, or get a private tutor.

For now I'm happy to be reading ^_^

On another note, the blog changed styles again, firefox and IE display the scrollbars different, but both do it well, and I like the look. Hope you do too, because if not, you'll be stuck with it for awhile.

Links of the day!

The perfect case If my friend Adam had an Ipod
Eliminating data securely This site is full of cool things I don't understand
Learn Khmer Long story short, I use ICQ and LONG time ago changed my details and picked funny sounding languages and claimed I spoke them. Literally 4 years later, I get tons of messages from people who can speak them who want to add me (its an Indonesian language I believe, but most people were from Canada for some reason) anyway, expand your horizons!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Blogs been rather heavy lately, so on a lighter note....

Meet Douglas, the newest extended member of the family. Dougie (not like Howser..) for short, which sometimes morphs to Doggie (how creative eh? calling a dog doggie) he's a full sized Basset hound that my brother got a few days ago from a breeder, and we all think he doesn't realize just how big this dogs gonna get...

Here he is in his natural state. Apparently this is the height of activity for him. Of course, he's only 12 weeks old, and human babies sleep a lot too.

Here he is with his owner, my brother. (The original Mr Excitement)

Then it was time for him to go... He actually cried as he left, think he likes our house better than the bachelor pad he lives in.

On another note, I'm in pain today, got my ass kicked when I bumped the cabinet next to my door last nite and had a speaker fall about 4 ft directly into my chest broadside. Guess I'm lucky it didn't hit me on the head or land with a corner first... but it feels like my lung is bruised.

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The local bar Not goin there anymore...
Perpendicular People at Hitachi should REALLY have something better to do.
Quit whining It's funny.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Farewell to a friend

The Pope died today.

I take nothing back from my previous blog. Because its the truth, at least as Ive heard and precieved it, and thats all we have to go on in this life.

He was a great man. He went into the world far more than any other previous Pope, but its also true that he had more opertunity to do so than any other Pope.

But thats not the friend I am mourning.

A little over 4 years ago, Im not sure when, I first attempted to use IRC. I went to aniverse. the first few days on #lovehinaparty, where I met someone (unbenounced to me, an ircop) that helped me learn the ropes. Then I forgot the chan I was in, and found #mae. From there, I met friends, I watched the inception of a chan called #RG where 'we hate you, now go away' I found more friends, and overtime, I ended up in #catgirls.

Aniverse is my home on irc. Its the place I first joined, and the place I fought to keep. I watched it grow from a nothing server to one of the top ten irc servers in the world. It was a beautiful thing.

However, the fact they only have one server, no matter how powerful it is, overtime proved its weekness, as they have been subjected to attack after attack by the idiot 12 yr old script kiddies who cant get laid. This proved its downfall.

Two major DDOS attacks made most of the larger channels leave for other networks. Still, I was reluctant to go. I had found other chanels on other servers that I liked, but aniverse was always my home.

I have watched #catgirls slowly die over the months. Pretending it wasnt happening. Slowly we lost people, without any new life comming in.

Finally, I decuded it was time to go. I will still always be on aniverse. My friends in #rg are still there. but I will probably spend most of my time on rizon now, where #catgirls has moved.

I already miss my good friend.

If you want a great irc network, full of good people (not always friendly to newbie/idiots) aniverse is a great place to go. You will meet many good people there. And I will be there too. But for now, the majority of me has moved, and its sad.

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IRC leeching If irc interests you as a place to get files, read this. But if all you do is leech, youre missing out.
Aniverse www they have a great web server too.
Wow I have got to start waking up early and watching tv

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope is a hypocrite

Since I had two people complain about my last post, and I didnt even know two people read my blog, Ill fan the flames.

Ok, now I have nothing against the Pope, the news is full of his long list of humanitarian and spiritual conquests and I applaud him for each and every one of them.

That doesnt mean he cant be a hypocrite tho.
You see, durring the whole Terri saga, the Pope called the people starving her murderers. He even said (and god (tho hes probably on the Popes side huh) I wish I could find the link) that if HE was in that situation, he NEVER wants the tube removed.

Now aside from the fun philisopical concepts of this, mainly that the only way the pope can stop being pope is to actively abdicate the er.. popistry meaning a vegtable living for 15+ years would have a feeding tube in and be Pope...

It also means if hes gonna call people murders and state something so outrageous, and the oppertunity comes up JUST A DAY LATER- he better live it.

He's dying, he knows it, everybody knows it. Even the Italian media prematurely killed him today, but hes close to Jesus and its near Easter so on the third hour he rose again.

But he dosent want to go to the hospital, (can you hear my impression of a small whiny child there?) you know, that place that HAS ALL THE TUBES. Nope, he wants to sit at home and wait to die. And no the situations ARENT the same, because the POPE can still make his own decisions, which is what makes him a hypocrite.

And hes welcome to. Its a right anyone should have. But when you say one thing and live another, thats hypocricy. (Seriously, look it up.)

Heres hoping Cara doesnt kill me.

Links of the day!

MMM Darkside... If theyre going to turn everything into nothing but mass marketing, at least lets make it this good and creative.
Clocky! Id say I really need one of these, but I really dont. If it runs away I can ignore it easier.
Blair Witch This is a website for the town that was featured in the movie (apparently, I never saw it) their horrible web page reminds me of the good old days of the web.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

ding dong the witch is dead....

Ok, so I know people are gonna get pissed because I called her a witch, but seriously how do u know those weren't the moans of some demon that possessed her?

Yup, Terri Schiavo finally kicked the freaking bucket. Give her credit, she was a tough old broad.

And yes, I'm damned happy about it, because now EVERY SINGLE NEWS CAST CAN STOP DEVOTING 3/4ths OF ITS CONTENT TO IT. Seriously, there was a school shooting almost the size of Columbine, a war going on we're involved in (and numerous others we never hear about I'm sure, I know my online friend in Venezuela at least passively fears for his life) another HUGE quake in tsunamiland, and STILL 3/4ths of the news was this woman.

But I'm not the only one who's happy...

The Republicans are happy, they didn't WANT to win this one. They just wanted to put on a good show and placate the whack-job constituents of their party. They know full well that those whack-jobs will say to themselves in a year and a half (next elections) "he fought for me!" while the rest of us (what is it now? Like 80% in polls?) wont be able to even recall her name because WE HAVE LIVES. (btw, there's scientific study on this, that the brain remembers incomplete or failed tasks much longer and more often than successes, but you'll have to take my word for it because I cant find a link)

The Democrats are ecstatic that they can stop getting their sorry asses kicked.

People are sad too tho...

The cable news channels are sad because now their ratings wont be a stable 2%. With the afore mentioned whack-jobs unequally divided between the three of them.

The protestors are sad, because now they have no more excuse not to have a job and or life.

So, since I haven't stated it, some of you might wonder what MY opinion is on all of this.


I don't have one. Why? BECAUSE ITS NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS, and none of yours either. This is one of those topics everyone whips out their assho.. er I mean opinions on, even tho it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM NOR SHOULD IT.

For the stupid, lets get some things straight.

1. The courts and or the state did NOT kill her. The courts simply upheld the rights of the next of kin as they well should. If they did not, then lots of the legal system would fall apart. Imagine custody battles between a Father and his dead wife's parents, or estate battles between a woman and her dead husbands parents, or (more directly) being denied seeing your dying spouse at a hospital because their parents don't want you to. (Kind of like being gay in America)

As a side note, there was a quite hilarious quote by one of the protestors on the local radio news channel. She said "Well I learned from this that I need a living will because I damn sure am not going to let my husband decide my fate. I will leave it up to my parents if they're alive or my children." Whoohoo- a whole new way to hate men! If he's such a bastard DIVORCE HIM, stop living off someone you despise because its easier. She also shows she's obviously not rich putting it in the hands of her children.

2. This became a war for two reasons.
A. The parents need serious psychological counseling, they need to first see their daughter as an independent entity of themselves (aka her life rather than their life without her)
B. The 'right' saw this as an advantageous political issue. (and as I said they WANTED to lose)

3. Her husband is NOT evil, he could have EASILY walked away from all of this and let her live as a vegetable. (If she is one, and I think 'UNNNNNAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAA' doesn't constitute intelligent thought.) He fought this for a reason, what exactly it is I will never know (and neither will you because no one seems to care) but I do know its NOT because he is controlled by Satan.

4. This has NOTHING to do with abortion or 'the culture of death.' If you connect the two, you're an idiot. This question of feeding tubes is played out many times every day and it doesn't make national news. Why? BECAUSE IT HAS NO RIGHT TO. My own father had to make the excruciating decision not to put a feeding tube in his mother. He also had to decide NOT to amputate her gangrenous (if that isn't a word it should be) legs just to keep her alive a little longer. Just a day or two after, she died, we all had the chance to be there with her, and it was the RIGHT DECISION.

5. The bible says NOTHING about euthanasia. I'm no biblical scholar, so feel free to comment if you think I'm wrong, but all the nut-jobs quoting stuff never come up with anything that isn't EXTREMELY vague. And if you say this is because euthanasia wasn't around back then- seriously grow up. Its not new, hell even abortion has been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years.

There, now don't you feel smarter?

Note: this contains more 'colorful' language than my other posts, and for a reason.

Links of the day!

Terri Schiavo's blog
Spore Wow, this game seems INCREDIBLE, and how its made is just as incredible, read it, it just keeps getting better as the pages go by.
Adidas smart shoe I'm sure you've been annoyed by this commercial EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK (which is sad, because it is a good commercial the FIRST 20 times you see it) So I googled to find out what it was... Apparently it falls under the heading of 'everyday stuff we can now slap a microchip in and charge 3x more for'

Sunday, March 27, 2005

mmm pagan

So I'm laying in bed last nite and I realized.

Easter is the spring holliday, oh-so-close to the spring equinox, where the sun- er I mean Son, rises from the dead and begins life anew, with classic images of bunnies (who are known for their spring activities) and new flowers.

Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side kid.

Links of the day!

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Hmm, for a few thousand dollars.. I can pretend I'm in Japan.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


well the last post worked as well as I expected. just 1 mystery married woman.

On another note. An online friend of mine arrived in Tokyo for a week this morning, having me consider seppukku.

He was using some horrible ad filled image host to host pics, so instead I gave him space on this site. and thats the link of the day. If you love Japan, and especially if youve been there before and are too broke to go back like me, enjoy the self torture I do.

Links of the day!

Toro in tokyo
Not TOO much there at the moment, but I think he'll be updating daily.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Personal ad?

So, while offline, I had lots of time to think and read and realize just how crappy TV really is.

One of the things I thought about, is (well, one of anyway) the reason(s) I'm single.

I'm a vegetarian, conservative, non-Christian, computer geek who likes to party and hates 99.5% of American popular culture (.5% being NFL, but I'm not obsessive, just like watching the games)

As if those weren't enough contradictions, I live in southern California, and really don't care if I drive a BMW/Mercedes/whatever's popular this week or care about wearing the latest fashions or have the money to throw around on them like everyone else here seems to do. Hell, currently I'm barely employed, tho looking for a new job, and STILL living with the 'rents.

So in this age of digital life, probably the one thing I reject is personal ads. Still, the thought has crossed my mind occasionally.

So, I thought I'd try one, in the least public place possible...

namely, here.

But with all of the above, why the hell WOULD anyone want me?

Well, I'm kind, (*watches net friends laugh*) generous, funny (ok, that's often debatable..) and honest. (sometimes to a fault) I like people, and tho I can sometimes take a bit to warm up, I really shine when I have. I'm no Adonis, but I try to keep myself as close to 'in shape' as possible and people are often supprized by how strong I am.

What do I want?

Someone free spirited, funny, interesting, someone with a head on her shoulders (eh- ya, no guys thx.) but not some boring intellectual. Body? Well my friends have all sorts of theories on what 'type' I like but I mostly confound them. What I like is a girl that keeps herself moderately in shape. (not afraid of a girl who could kick my ass but don't expect me to have a 6-pack outside of my fridge) I always say, I like sexy, but its cute that gets me everytime. Mostly I like someone who looks unique, not the cookie-cutter blonde or the stereotypical 'mysterious brunette.'

So anyway, if by some amazing chance you're reading this, in the area (amazing x2) and interested, (amazing x3) I consider that fate don't you? Drop me a comment below.

Links of the day!

just one, but a real gem
Webcollage this is insanely cool. A robot randomly searches the internet and makes collages out of pics it finds. There CAN be adult material so kiddies beware. But it really is just cool. I found it when I saw in the logs they hit my site, man I woulda liked to see that.

Friday, March 18, 2005

boku wa doko

For those of you coming here wondering if I died, yes, I did.

the digital me anyway., my oh-so-capeable ISP died in the middle of the night on monday. Took me till tuesday afternoon to figure it out because I happened to be re-installing my router when it died, so I thought it was my fault.

Called them, and did the usual monkey dance ("reboot the router" "oh thanks I never thought of that!" "is the cable light on?" "no dumbass thats why i called you") and they decided to send someone right out at their earliest possible time

Next monday......

assholes, why do I pay you again? This week shal be free when Im done with them. No reason to pay for NO SERVICE.

so thats the story, those of you who have my # can contact me that way.

Links of the day? theyre on my real computer.... im on AOL DIAL UP right now....

Monday, March 14, 2005


As I sit here, eating cookies and ice cream with magic shell, and wondering how I re-gained ten pounds, I thought I'd say...


Links of the day!

This is so funny and Im such a bad person someones a marketing genius, or using the above link for hiring
techie blog this guy puts macs in cars.. I cant tell if thats a good thing

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hypnotic suggestion

Well lets see, whats new.

A couple months ago, I signed up for an Audible account. I get two (audio) books a month for $20, which is a very nice addition to my ipod. My only gripe with audible is the website, which is horrid. Dont get me wrong, its very easy and intuitive to navigate. But its all java and java sucks.

1st, I painfully discovered that if I give anyone a link, they ARE LOGGED IN AS ME! Can you say incredibly stupid? Good way to get word of mouth purchaces idiots.
2nd, the site loads at one width then shrinks to another, giving one a headache when trying to begin to read a page.
3rd, you cant open in new windows, because java sucks. Making you constanly hit forward and back.
That all being said (and seriously audible, fix it you idiots) its very easy to navigate and has a great selection. Especially if you have an ipod, I suggest you browse their selection to see if its what you like (they have a great selection but limited categories, afterall audio isnt the best way to say, learn programing.)

Anyway, on a whim I decided to get a hypnotic suggestion book, always wanted to check that out. Listened to it in bed last nite and as he was 'dropping me down' I kept thinking "My mind isnt clearing, I still am thinking of other things, this isnt going to work, suck.."

Then I woke up. No idea what the tape said, but I did wake up at the end of it (Probably the classic "you will now wake up refreshed.. etc") and today I've been much busier than my average Saturday afternoon. I finished a book on Japanese. Making Sense of Japanese (formerly Gone Fishing) Short, but a major acomplishment since I almost never read more than 1/3rd of books.

In other news.

I (FINALLY) got my free TV! Thats right, works, albeit very slow. Had a manager apologize to me himself, he blamed Sony, who knows. Point is I got it, now I just need a new video card so it can replace my current tv. You see my current tv has a VGA in, and I use it with a computer for all sorts of fun ^^

What else. Its spring break, but as little as I have to do lately I barely notice. This weekend is rather quiet and Im happy about it, got things I want to do besides party. Jeannine is planning on spending the whole week on the beach drunk, which she constantly says to other people 'ya eD wont be there because he hates the beach.' I havent argued, I dont hate it nearly as much as she seems to think I do but oh well, no need to correct or I'm inviting myself. Besides I'm very much in get-things-done mode.

Finally, two items of website news.
Nanaka Crash is rediculously popular, I may have to remove it for a few days at the end of the month. Its the 13th and I've use 14/40gb of bandwith. 90% on the game itself because the rest of my site is useless.
Thatguy (link on right) coded a quotes database for the irc chanel I hang out in, and I offered to host it. go check it out. But understand its for comedy only, we're not nearly as bad as our quotes may make us seem ^^;;

Links of the day!

Science and the art of female matinence.
Cool art one of the best flashes I've ever seen, just because I love the art.
When ya gotta go.. would you go here? ^^
The best blog youll ever read. Seriously, its the best.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Death by internet

Well well well. Remember that Nanaka Crash game I told you all about? and how the japanese like to ban popular things from international users and so I put it on my site? Well, a friend posted me to a few message boards it seems. The result is..

bandwith fun
(click for full rez)

Wow I'm popular! Nice to be wanted, I just hope my bandwith holds out. I get 40gb/month. Im gonna keep an eye on it and if it gets near the top I'll remove it till the end of the month, but the trend seems to be just under the wire...

The game is quite fun- go play why dont you?

Links of the day!

Once again theyve been backing up, so enjoy special bonus links!
Microsoft, what would we do without you? ^^ I humbly request no one use any of these ever again.
Oh Microsoft! how we love the! Part 2.
ebonics!Since someone bugged me about a tiny detal in the last post, I submit this with impunity.
Y2K just wasnt a big enough flop...
Submitted as a free public service The perfect thing after all those dirty things you look at on the internet. (and yes, this is clea, its the definition of clean ^_^)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Quick quips

Ok, no more huge posts, just a quick rundown.

Tues- emailed teacher telling her im LOST in japanese, shes incredibly nice, wants to do everything possible to help all her students. Worries its her, I told her I'm just stupid.

Wed- dinner and a movie (Cursed- save your money) with Jeannine. Sometimes its scarry how much it seems like were dating. Was smiling back and forth with a really cute blonde at the bar, but I'm a wuss, I'll take the small victory.

Thurs- er, school. not much else.

Fri- (today) ran around all day doing erands, most of it was driving around lost cuz noone puts addresses on their buildings here- but I'm a liscenced (grr sp) driver again!!! YAY!! While at the DMV (not as painful as I thought) I saw probably the hottest black woman (gah do I have to qualify that? Shes black, I'm orange, its all good damnit.) I've ever seen. Jet black with a BEAUTIFUL face and nice body, real short hair. She caught me lookin on the way out so I winked at her and she smiled. Another small (yes pitiful) victory.

Not sure what else. May be a boring weekend, who knows. Thats ok. I got a job interview monday!

Links of the day!

Apple Product life cycle I like making fun of Apple, but this goes for a lot of things with geeks, especially games.
History Lesson I found this quite cool. The middle has the good stuff so feel free to skip around. I still think if only they made it 'Frog Fries' it would have caught on.
Firefox news The browser I hate to hate.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mmm Ice Cream

As I sit here eating ice cream, I thought I'd say hi.

Not too much happening this weekend other than dodging Japanese homework and being mostly car-less. (in the shop till tomorrow but borrowing other cars) I missed Japanese all last week, (2 classes) Im so dead.

Last nite went to go see Meet the Fockers. It was mostly amusing (mostly because I had a few drinks before I went) but honestly a crappy movie. An easy formula to tell if a sequel is good or not is 'Would this be a good movie if the first one (or 8, whatever) didnt exist?' Fockers is a no. Casting was good and it was entertaining, but a movies in trouble when it has to refer to its preqel for jokes...

I also discovered something wonderful. You see, I love music, but I completely refuse to be one of those people (idiots) that puts 'now listening to _____' on the blog, beacuse I know 99% of normal people dont care. (Then again do 'normal' people read blogs?)

Anyway, Audioscrobbler has given me a solution and oh-so-much-more. Not only will it tell you what I've listened to lately, but also my favorite stuff overall. It also has streaming radio based on what I like to listen to AND I can surf others listings and listen to THEIR favorite music, helping me find new artists and such. My Music is now linked on the side of this blog. So feel free to look/listen to it.

Note their poor server is mostly horribly overloaded, so you may have to refresh once or twice in awhile. Its still worth it.

In website news, I fixed the major stumbling block of the new blog layout this week (check the Test Blog link at the right) But still have to tweak the sizes and colors and such. Ive also been working on learning php/mysql for the website. Once I figure this out Ill be able to add to the site much easier and better, but its somewhat infuriating to learn two things that intertwine at once, because if something goes wrong Im not sure which. (although I seem to have an easier time with php)

Anyway, before this becomes another HUGE post...

Links of the day!

Be an artist. This is so cool. Heres my butchering of an online friends work (I did the end) Then she butchered mine (should be obvious) And I even used it to put a smile on a friends face. (and no, I cant draw)
My wonderful sensei's site Too bad I cant keep up...
Finally, someone tell me what the heck this is.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My new superpower!!

Lets see, since windows doesnt like connecting to my cellphone (softwares fault) no pics, so heres the summary. :P

Spent all weekend with Jeannine, think we're a bit sick of eachother. (At least she is of me)

Fri- went to see Hitch (google it yourself) great movie. I almost never buy movie DVDs, this one I'm buying. Jeannine spent a solid 5 mins laughing herself to tears because a fat guy fell down at the very end (not a spoiler dont worry) which I found quite funny except the fact I had a large rootbeer to unload so it hurt to laugh.

Sat- Off in the limo for someones birthday I didnt know. Jeannine invited me and was the only one there I knew. Still was pretty darn fun, and everyone was really nice, except the limo driver was annoying has hell. He was treating us like teenagers going to winter formal rather than adults. (Btw he should be proscecuted because I swear he stole Norm McDonnalds voice...) Most of the time was spent in the limo since it was pouring rain. (Now 4th ranniest season on record for Los Angeles, was 7th as of Thursday. The whole state is sliding off into the ocean.) Still, being in a limo isnt really something to complain about.

Apparently at some point durring the night I was doing squats or something, because my legs hurt like hell till today. It was also eventful in that I finally got to talk to a Japanese person that found me on ICQ. (yes, at 3am when I got home...)

Sun- Hangover not withstanding... THE RETURN OF PROSPECTORS! I love that bar. Jeannines cousin Marie moved out of the area so we hadnt been there since, but because of the long weeked she came back. Wasnt overly exciting, I've definately had better nights there, but its still Prospectors damnit. Prob wont be going back there anytime soon either... so I stole a pint glass with their logo. *hides*

Mon- was day of recovery (apparently 1 of 2) for what turned out to be a two day hangover. (3 if you count Sunday) It wasnt that I was in pain, but.....

I have a new superpower!!!

Apparently, no matter how late I go to bed, no matter how much I drink, eat, excercize, etc... I'm wide awake at 7:45am. I'm actually really glad for this, except for the fact I went to bed at 3 friday, 4:30 saturday and 5 sunday. Even last nite I was up till 3 sleepless.... so..

Tue- (today) hasnt been too exciting. Took a couple naps and other than that the most exciting thing is the pizza from Chicago we recieved today, love that stuff, cooking it now ^_^

And yes the blog is still naked.

In the mistaken assumption people actually read this thing, I need help on The test blog. Its looking very much like I want it to, but the comments page is just WRECKED. I have no idea why. I dont know how to read bloggers itempage tags.

Even if you cant fix it, I'm interested in what you think of it. I wanted something different and non-linear. Comment here to let me know. ^^
Help wanted!

Links of the day!

Funnest game ever! can you beat My score? (everyone else can)
Voicemail! I'm SURE you've seen Paris Hiltons Phonebook, but have you heard what this guy did with it? ^^
Roleplay Ran into a girl online the other day looking for artists or 'roleplayers' (whatever that is) for this story she has. This is my way of helping her. (since I have no artistic talent)

----- Update -----
Minutes after posting this, I went back to that game. Try beating This score!

----- Update 2 -----
Either they banned forigners (Something the Japanese like to do with popular things sadly) or they exceeded their bandwith- well I can fix that...
Now go play!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Woa, life got exciting!

Wow I may have to start posting here more often, this is gonna be another long one.

Saturday nite, my brother calls my mom and says hes commin by in an hour to move out... o.O, er ok... nice notice Frank.
Freaked my mom out, and was just weird, but thats just how he is...

Valentines day!
Hate this holliday. Always single. So I think of things to entertain myself.
This time I outdid myself...

Had to go into my client, and decided to play quite a prank on the receptionist.
She has a long-time boyfriend. So I knew I was safe doing this. (we get along but not THAT well..)
So I grab an empty ringbox.....
Now I was gonna just leave it empty, but that wasnt good enough.
So I wrote a note.
"{her name withheld},
I cant resist.
(messing with you)
I just wanted to see
(the look on your face)
I know you have other (real) Valentines, but I am
Folded up the note and put it in the ringbox.

The point was to see her face when I handed it to her. I expected shock and fear, but she had a look of pure horror on her face. (that I guess put me in my place lol) I was trying to do it straight-faced, but I had to smile to soften it.
Once she read the note she busted up laughing, I had guessed right that she had a good enough sense of humor to enjoy it.

Today she tells me her boyfriend wants to talk to me LOL, turns out he needs computer help ^^ (she did tell him, he made fun of her)

But ya, after a long boring lul, life is speeding up. This Friday might be hittin the bars in a limo for Jeannines friends birthday, and Sunday I'm DEFINATELY goin back to PROSPECTORS!! (a bar I love)

Stay tuned...

Links of the day!

In other news, Naruto (an anime that has many huge idiot fans) got liscenced. Youd think that was a good thing. (I do, I like Naruto but am not obsessed)But no.....
The News
The Petition the retarded fans (known as Narutards) made. Im sig #411 (making fun of them, I wont be suprized when they delete me)
In other links...
More shirts I want!
MMM speed...
A complete waste of time Can you figure out how to cheat?

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Well no, not realy, I wouldnt do that to you. But the blog is.

Couldnt stand that layout anymore, it just HAD to die.
So i gave it a nice naked look, and it inspired me to actually work on a real layout.

got real ambitious on this so I had a lot of trouble. Spent the better part of the last 2 days on it.

The probs I have left are the comments page is totally messed up, and the stupid blogger bar likes to print itself out doubleize for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, its on the test blog, you can see im going for something a little different ^^

If you care to, leave comments on how it looks for you, with the browser you use and your resolution. Im testing in IE and Firefox, but im at 1280x1024.

Links of the day!

The Test Blog

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

dealing with the gov sucks part 1 of ?

So when I got in my little accident I decided that maybe I should start wondering where the heck my renewed drivers liscence is. It had been about 60 days which it turns out is the time to start wondering.

So I call the ever so friendly and efficient DMV about when I was going to get it in the mail. Amazingly, the menu system was one of the best Ive dealt with recently and I got to a human after about 2 minutes of menu and 2 minutes on hold.

The woman was nice and helpful, she told me that I havent gotten my drivers liscence because the DMV had intergrated with the national social security database, and my Social Security numbers dont match. I would need to come in with a social security card to get my liscence.

So a couple questions came to my mind. I asked her if they were ever going to notify me of this or if I was understood to be psychic. She said yes, but Sacremento (our lovely dirtbowl state capital) had a 8-10 week 'backup' on sending out the notices. (Seriously how hard is that, I bet they dont even have to lick a stamp.)

She was nice tho, so the question I didnt ask was: If your're not going to send me my liscence, WHY did you cash the check? But really, its government, if someone sends them a check theyre DAMN well gonna cash it.

So the problem is: I dont HAVE a SS card, it burned in my fire like 12 yrs ago. So first I gotta get that. Leading me to the lovely 'Ziggaraut' federal building.

!!if windows would talk to my phone there would be a picture here!!

No parking in the front entrance, (later i found out there was in the back) so I and several others at least (Seemed most going in or out) had to park across the street at the Walmart, but thats ok, I like to walk.

Thru the metal detector I go. Pass, didnt even have to take off belt or shoes or anything. Then I walk up to the room I'm gonna have to sit in and he tells me if I have a phone I have to shut it off. So I do, but he quickly changes his tune and tells me I have to put it in my car. (turns out its because its a camera phone)

I protested, telling him I was all the way across the street and could he or the other security gaurd hold it. Nope, thats too inteligent, back to my car I went. Dumped off my palm too to prevent further retardedness. (missed that palm later while waiting)

Finally get to the window. Dont get the exceedingly attractive girl, get the guy instead. He takes my name and tells me to wait. 45 pointless minutes later my name is called (by the same guy.. my luck sucks) and Im done in 30 seconds.

So glad to be out of there.

Getting home I called my seemingly long lost friend Jeannine who invited me to lunch with Lydia (whos name I still am not sure how to spell and am beginning to care less and less) and had fun, being outdoors restored me.

Of course, whenever this card finally comes in the mail, I get to repeat the process at the dmv, I bet thatll be even MORE fun...

Links of the day!

I want SO MANY of these. I got mad bills.
mm pictures The tsunami thing has been done to death but its cool to look at.
For the otakus Its actually a fun game...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I have very descriminating tastes.

When I go to hit a car, I cant just hit any car. Today I hit a MERCEDES SUV.
To be honest, theres almost no damage to her hulking behemoth. Afterall, it was my car that slid allong her back corner basically just chipping some paint off her while caving in my entire wheel well.

She was nice about it, and to be honest kinda hot, but probably one of those well pampered MV MLFs.

Did I mention the mercedes was brand new?

go me

Links of the day!

screw em

Monday, January 31, 2005

remember me?

ya, its me, no, not dead. maybe tomorrow.

not a damn thing goin on, JA3 kickin my butt, 1st chapter test tomorow. So ive been studying all day, but i never study what im supposed to damnit...

Havent gone out to do much in WEEKS, everything sounds boring. So i sit here and learn verb conjugations and kanji i dont need for the test im gonna fail :P

hmm what else.. nope, sadly thats about it. im stuck in idle someone come shift me.

Links of the day!

My new hero. the best kind of mcgyver.
Wordcount Pretty damn cool. Won a design award I guess, its Brit, so its a little off real english ^^
A moron In my ongoing series of blogs even worse than mine, heres a real idiot whos gotten famous for being so.

Friday, January 07, 2005


The beer finally died today. After new years there was still 40 beers and almost ALL the alcohol you see in the previous post.

Well, today we killed all the beer. All because this guy came home.

Hes around for ~10 days, despite what Scott says.

Btw- the previous pic was taken by my christmas present.

thats right- the Razr baby... bonus points if you can fig out how I took that pic.

Wonder when Cara will stumble into town...

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Mephis Quite impressive, try it out
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