Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope is a hypocrite

Since I had two people complain about my last post, and I didnt even know two people read my blog, Ill fan the flames.

Ok, now I have nothing against the Pope, the news is full of his long list of humanitarian and spiritual conquests and I applaud him for each and every one of them.

That doesnt mean he cant be a hypocrite tho.
You see, durring the whole Terri saga, the Pope called the people starving her murderers. He even said (and god (tho hes probably on the Popes side huh) I wish I could find the link) that if HE was in that situation, he NEVER wants the tube removed.

Now aside from the fun philisopical concepts of this, mainly that the only way the pope can stop being pope is to actively abdicate the er.. popistry meaning a vegtable living for 15+ years would have a feeding tube in and be Pope...

It also means if hes gonna call people murders and state something so outrageous, and the oppertunity comes up JUST A DAY LATER- he better live it.

He's dying, he knows it, everybody knows it. Even the Italian media prematurely killed him today, but hes close to Jesus and its near Easter so on the third hour he rose again.

But he dosent want to go to the hospital, (can you hear my impression of a small whiny child there?) you know, that place that HAS ALL THE TUBES. Nope, he wants to sit at home and wait to die. And no the situations ARENT the same, because the POPE can still make his own decisions, which is what makes him a hypocrite.

And hes welcome to. Its a right anyone should have. But when you say one thing and live another, thats hypocricy. (Seriously, look it up.)

Heres hoping Cara doesnt kill me.

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