Saturday, April 02, 2005

Farewell to a friend

The Pope died today.

I take nothing back from my previous blog. Because its the truth, at least as Ive heard and precieved it, and thats all we have to go on in this life.

He was a great man. He went into the world far more than any other previous Pope, but its also true that he had more opertunity to do so than any other Pope.

But thats not the friend I am mourning.

A little over 4 years ago, Im not sure when, I first attempted to use IRC. I went to aniverse. the first few days on #lovehinaparty, where I met someone (unbenounced to me, an ircop) that helped me learn the ropes. Then I forgot the chan I was in, and found #mae. From there, I met friends, I watched the inception of a chan called #RG where 'we hate you, now go away' I found more friends, and overtime, I ended up in #catgirls.

Aniverse is my home on irc. Its the place I first joined, and the place I fought to keep. I watched it grow from a nothing server to one of the top ten irc servers in the world. It was a beautiful thing.

However, the fact they only have one server, no matter how powerful it is, overtime proved its weekness, as they have been subjected to attack after attack by the idiot 12 yr old script kiddies who cant get laid. This proved its downfall.

Two major DDOS attacks made most of the larger channels leave for other networks. Still, I was reluctant to go. I had found other chanels on other servers that I liked, but aniverse was always my home.

I have watched #catgirls slowly die over the months. Pretending it wasnt happening. Slowly we lost people, without any new life comming in.

Finally, I decuded it was time to go. I will still always be on aniverse. My friends in #rg are still there. but I will probably spend most of my time on rizon now, where #catgirls has moved.

I already miss my good friend.

If you want a great irc network, full of good people (not always friendly to newbie/idiots) aniverse is a great place to go. You will meet many good people there. And I will be there too. But for now, the majority of me has moved, and its sad.

Links of the day!

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Wow I have got to start waking up early and watching tv

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