Sunday, April 10, 2005


Blogs been rather heavy lately, so on a lighter note....

Meet Douglas, the newest extended member of the family. Dougie (not like Howser..) for short, which sometimes morphs to Doggie (how creative eh? calling a dog doggie) he's a full sized Basset hound that my brother got a few days ago from a breeder, and we all think he doesn't realize just how big this dogs gonna get...

Here he is in his natural state. Apparently this is the height of activity for him. Of course, he's only 12 weeks old, and human babies sleep a lot too.

Here he is with his owner, my brother. (The original Mr Excitement)

Then it was time for him to go... He actually cried as he left, think he likes our house better than the bachelor pad he lives in.

On another note, I'm in pain today, got my ass kicked when I bumped the cabinet next to my door last nite and had a speaker fall about 4 ft directly into my chest broadside. Guess I'm lucky it didn't hit me on the head or land with a corner first... but it feels like my lung is bruised.

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Anonymous said...

Aw what a sweetie! I love those hound eyes! My in laws have a basset too. And no, Im not afraid of your blog, I just don't always comment ;) My Marshmellow girl has a tooth!