Tuesday, July 19, 2005

freaky friday

Ever have the feeling someone was watching you?

Ever have your eyes play tricks on you in the dark?

The answer is probably yes (for all 3 of my readers) but...

Ever have them both happen to you at once?

Friday nite I went to sleep pretty late. I awoke, sort of, and had the distinct feeling someone was watching me. Even what direction it was comming from. I said I 'sort of' awoke, because I was still sleep paralyzed. The feeling was strong enough to make it worth the effort to me to shake myself into movement so I did and looked in the direction I felt it from.

Straight off to the left of my bed is my desk, with a poster above the side and a light (was off) just below it, then the desk.

I saw a full body of a man in a white dress shirt standing there staring at me. It was 4am. I KNEW what WAS there, and I stared and stared, but could only see the man. Kinda freaked me out, but since I'm not really afraid of ghosts/whatnot (jurys out on wether I believe in them) I just went back to sleep. Later I looked over and saw it again, but that time I might have been dreaming. Ever since every time I wake up at night I look and cant see it at ALL.

Contrast that to Sunday morning, the very next sleep-night, where I woke up durring a dream of being in a circle with my family and a bunch of strangers at some weird outdoor zoo where we were watching some baby hippos on the grass playing. (was I guess the point of this area of the 'zoo') Someone in our group threw something of my brothers into the circle, and he had to go retrieve it, but was being scared off by a baby hippo (was about half the size of what I believe a hippo to be) who seemed playful about it but could easily crush him. I woke up to laughing in my dream as I tried to film the scene with my camera.

Im such a weirdo.

Nothing else going on, I'm poor and studying for computer certifications (A+ hardware test at noon tomorrow) while waiting for school to start.

Links of the day!

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I still hate Firefox but their videos are cool.
pure conjecture by someone with too much time on their hands. Still, well done