Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny story of the day

[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so funny story of the day
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> actually yday
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i rebooted after 11 weeks
[20:58] <+thatguy> k
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and was thinking 'watch my comp not boot'
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i get this 'windows cannot access the boot partition' error
[20:58] <+thatguy> ahaha
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> oooohhhhkkkkaaayyyyy
[20:58] <+Tenchi[BOT]> fear
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i shut it off and continue my phone conversation
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> an hour later when i was off the phone, it boots right up
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i have a login prompt
[20:59] <+thatguy> nice
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i cant remember my password....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i try all these different passwords, then finally just log on as Administrator
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> as the admin acct is loading i remember
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> duh
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> there is no password.....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i log off
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ....
[21:00] <@Natsuki-Chan> !list
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> um...
[21:00] <+thatguy> nice.
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> but, last time i formatted i fucked up and installed xp home, and put a string of gobledy gook as my registered to name, which becomes login name
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ed....for the first time i can actually say it
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> you idiot
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[21:00] lol
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i now know my pword, but not my username, and ive LONG since gotten rid of that retarded welcome screen
[21:00] * +RoTeNdO ( Quit (Quit: So when I'm lost in a crowd~ I hope that you'll pick me out~ I long to be found~ )
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i look all over my room for a peice of paper (turned out to be a napkin) that i wrote it down on 2 months ago and finally found it
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i remember- duh, log on as administrator and i can see the username....
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> in short: my uptime was so good, i forgot how to reboot

*And yes, I am BeDRoaCH

Links of the day!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yesterday was my birthday

My family all showed up and so did Jeannine, Crissie and Lydia and we went out to Ling & Louies Asian Bar and Grill in the Irvine Spectrum (formerly Taifoon, with exact same menu, they actually think the new name is better)

Many drinks and much spicy food later, my family left and me and the girls went to The Yard House. (also in Irvine's Rectum) The plan was to have a couple (more) drinks then go see Hairy Potter since the bars close early.

But by the time closing time came around, we weren't going to waste time seeing a movie we wouldnt remember, and my friend Greg had called cuz he is down for the holliday from San Francisco, so we went out to another local bar, Patsy's. That bar closed soon after we got there, and it was about 12:30 which would have been a good time for me to go to bed so I could work the next day, but instead we went to Time Out Tavern.. er... somewhere... and I got home at ~2:30am.

All in all it was a BLAST, but today wasnt. Back up at 6am and at work at 8 to my job which I love but would love it a lot more if I knew what the hell I was doing. There wasnt too much for me to do, tho I did get to call a couple clients for simple things. Went home for lunch and lost track of time and got back almost an hour late....... nice work for the end of my 8th day huh.

Got my first paycheck today too, I started work at the perfect time, last Monday was the beginning of the new pay period and I got paid today (Wednesday) for two weeks because I have Thursday and Friday off. Now if the money would just show up in my checking acct....

Anyway I'm headed out tonite to see all the guys at Patsy's again should be fun.

Oh ya- what did I get?
A 60gb Video Ipod engraved from my parents, some shopping money at Nordstroms from my sister and F.E.A.R DVD edition from my brother. And lots of free drinks from my friends ^^

Links of the day!

Ok, so I really am not much on the computer lately, so its getting touger and tougher to get good links.
The Kingdom of Loathing Try out this ghetto style MMORPG and let me know how it is (Ive been meaing to try it for months) supposed to be quite fun
Who needs a gym ya this ones super old, but maybe theyll have clinical trials for humans soon then... I voulenteer.
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Friday, November 18, 2005


Well so much for blogging Monday, thats definately my busy day.
Left for work at 7:30am was home for half an hour, then off to Japanese class. Got home at 10pm. Sleep was more important.

But the jobs pretty cool, after 2 days of reading for my pre-med degree I didnt ask for, I got to do some stuff, most notably translate some Japanese software to English so they could replace a program that only works on windows 95.

Imagine that, I never woulda guessed I'd get hired at a JAPANESE company to translate J->E. You'd think there are far more qualified people.
And there are.. but they're the big-wigs with better things to do, and honestly their English skills may be in question...
Maybe they should just call the vice president of the company every time they want to reprogram an EKG machine...

But ya, anyway, pretty good. Yesterday I was ready for bed @ ~8pm... this whole getting up before dawn thing is new...

This weekend I want to party.. but its Friday night and here I am drinking by myself. Yay me.
Tomorrow I guess I'm invoted to go out to the Inland Empire to get really drunk listening to some band I've never heard of with a few good friednds. But theres a chance I could see Yoshi from my days in Japan- she's supposed to be out here as of Thursday for a few days... but I think she'll have better things to do than call me, esp since it wasn't her that told me...


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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Murphy loves me

Hi, and welcome to another long overdue post.
This time its not because I have nothing going on in my life, this time its because I have too much.

So rather than a HUGE post lets do the highlights.

Jeannine went to Italy for 11 days and me and her other friend Lydia house-sat her smelly, hyper dogs. The dogs came out of the groomers smelling like a bar of dial the day before they left, and 3 days later smelled like ass for the rest of the time. I am a pet lover mind you, as is evidinced by the fact I still pet them and paid them lots of attention dispite the fact they stunk and I am alergic.

Lydia... is pretty cool actually, I've never really liked her for one reason or another, but we got along quite well. I still dont 'get' her, but I definately like her better.

The big news however, is I GOT A JOB. (FINALLY DAMNIT) I shall be a 'Neurology Tech Support Specialist' at Nihon Koden of America. Basically a fancy title for phone tech support guy for their software/hardware that monitors brain waves, mostly in epileptics, so the doctor can find the offending peice of brain and cut it out.

Career wise its a bit of a step down, but its FAR more stable and pays better than what I do now, and its SOOO CLOOOOSE to home. I was hoping once I got a regular job I could use my commute to listen to my audiobooks, but I pretty much will only have time for 'This is Audible...' and I'll be there.

I told them I needed the rest of last week to finish up my clients, and I did. Leaving them is bittersweet, I will miss them and being a consultant.

I've been doing lots of other stuff too, studying for more computer certs, Japanese, and many other random running around. Also now that I will have a steady income stream, I am playing with my money. ^^

So now on to the title of this. I start work tomorrow morning at 8am, a time I am accoustomed to waking up at, not being at work at. Thats ok tho, I can handle it...

but last nite around 5pm I started feeling weird.. just.. weird. I couldnt quite describe it. I was joking quoting Fry from Futurama saying 'Does everything taste purple?' but ya, it was just weird.

Yup, sure enough, as the night goes on I get sicker and sicker. On the day before my first new job in like 5 yrs. Thanks Murphy.

Links of the day!

Once again, I have a ton.
A parody on the power rangers that is just wonderful
God is living in Japan who knew Japan was a Jewish country? Hey, millions of otakus cant be wrong.
PopStation A video review of what is going to be the PSP killer.
Japanese Vending Machines A tribute to them and the weird things they contain.

After work tomorrow I have Japanese class till 10, but I hope to find time to blog on my 1st day at work. See ya then.