Friday, November 18, 2005


Well so much for blogging Monday, thats definately my busy day.
Left for work at 7:30am was home for half an hour, then off to Japanese class. Got home at 10pm. Sleep was more important.

But the jobs pretty cool, after 2 days of reading for my pre-med degree I didnt ask for, I got to do some stuff, most notably translate some Japanese software to English so they could replace a program that only works on windows 95.

Imagine that, I never woulda guessed I'd get hired at a JAPANESE company to translate J->E. You'd think there are far more qualified people.
And there are.. but they're the big-wigs with better things to do, and honestly their English skills may be in question...
Maybe they should just call the vice president of the company every time they want to reprogram an EKG machine...

But ya, anyway, pretty good. Yesterday I was ready for bed @ ~8pm... this whole getting up before dawn thing is new...

This weekend I want to party.. but its Friday night and here I am drinking by myself. Yay me.
Tomorrow I guess I'm invoted to go out to the Inland Empire to get really drunk listening to some band I've never heard of with a few good friednds. But theres a chance I could see Yoshi from my days in Japan- she's supposed to be out here as of Thursday for a few days... but I think she'll have better things to do than call me, esp since it wasn't her that told me...


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