Friday, November 25, 2005

Funny story of the day

[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so funny story of the day
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> actually yday
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i rebooted after 11 weeks
[20:58] <+thatguy> k
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and was thinking 'watch my comp not boot'
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i get this 'windows cannot access the boot partition' error
[20:58] <+thatguy> ahaha
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> oooohhhhkkkkaaayyyyy
[20:58] <+Tenchi[BOT]> fear
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i shut it off and continue my phone conversation
[20:58] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> an hour later when i was off the phone, it boots right up
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i have a login prompt
[20:59] <+thatguy> nice
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i cant remember my password....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> and i try all these different passwords, then finally just log on as Administrator
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> as the admin acct is loading i remember
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> duh
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> there is no password.....
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[20:59] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i log off
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ....
[21:00] <@Natsuki-Chan> !list
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> um...
[21:00] <+thatguy> nice.
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> but, last time i formatted i fucked up and installed xp home, and put a string of gobledy gook as my registered to name, which becomes login name
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> ed....for the first time i can actually say it
[21:00] <+Tenchi[BOT]> you idiot
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so
[21:00] lol
[21:00] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> i now know my pword, but not my username, and ive LONG since gotten rid of that retarded welcome screen
[21:00] * +RoTeNdO ( Quit (Quit: So when I'm lost in a crowd~ I hope that you'll pick me out~ I long to be found~ )
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> so i look all over my room for a peice of paper (turned out to be a napkin) that i wrote it down on 2 months ago and finally found it
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> then i remember- duh, log on as administrator and i can see the username....
[21:01] <+BeDRoaCH-RiZzZonSuxZz> in short: my uptime was so good, i forgot how to reboot

*And yes, I am BeDRoaCH

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