Thursday, March 31, 2005

ding dong the witch is dead....

Ok, so I know people are gonna get pissed because I called her a witch, but seriously how do u know those weren't the moans of some demon that possessed her?

Yup, Terri Schiavo finally kicked the freaking bucket. Give her credit, she was a tough old broad.

And yes, I'm damned happy about it, because now EVERY SINGLE NEWS CAST CAN STOP DEVOTING 3/4ths OF ITS CONTENT TO IT. Seriously, there was a school shooting almost the size of Columbine, a war going on we're involved in (and numerous others we never hear about I'm sure, I know my online friend in Venezuela at least passively fears for his life) another HUGE quake in tsunamiland, and STILL 3/4ths of the news was this woman.

But I'm not the only one who's happy...

The Republicans are happy, they didn't WANT to win this one. They just wanted to put on a good show and placate the whack-job constituents of their party. They know full well that those whack-jobs will say to themselves in a year and a half (next elections) "he fought for me!" while the rest of us (what is it now? Like 80% in polls?) wont be able to even recall her name because WE HAVE LIVES. (btw, there's scientific study on this, that the brain remembers incomplete or failed tasks much longer and more often than successes, but you'll have to take my word for it because I cant find a link)

The Democrats are ecstatic that they can stop getting their sorry asses kicked.

People are sad too tho...

The cable news channels are sad because now their ratings wont be a stable 2%. With the afore mentioned whack-jobs unequally divided between the three of them.

The protestors are sad, because now they have no more excuse not to have a job and or life.

So, since I haven't stated it, some of you might wonder what MY opinion is on all of this.


I don't have one. Why? BECAUSE ITS NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS, and none of yours either. This is one of those topics everyone whips out their assho.. er I mean opinions on, even tho it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM NOR SHOULD IT.

For the stupid, lets get some things straight.

1. The courts and or the state did NOT kill her. The courts simply upheld the rights of the next of kin as they well should. If they did not, then lots of the legal system would fall apart. Imagine custody battles between a Father and his dead wife's parents, or estate battles between a woman and her dead husbands parents, or (more directly) being denied seeing your dying spouse at a hospital because their parents don't want you to. (Kind of like being gay in America)

As a side note, there was a quite hilarious quote by one of the protestors on the local radio news channel. She said "Well I learned from this that I need a living will because I damn sure am not going to let my husband decide my fate. I will leave it up to my parents if they're alive or my children." Whoohoo- a whole new way to hate men! If he's such a bastard DIVORCE HIM, stop living off someone you despise because its easier. She also shows she's obviously not rich putting it in the hands of her children.

2. This became a war for two reasons.
A. The parents need serious psychological counseling, they need to first see their daughter as an independent entity of themselves (aka her life rather than their life without her)
B. The 'right' saw this as an advantageous political issue. (and as I said they WANTED to lose)

3. Her husband is NOT evil, he could have EASILY walked away from all of this and let her live as a vegetable. (If she is one, and I think 'UNNNNNAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAA' doesn't constitute intelligent thought.) He fought this for a reason, what exactly it is I will never know (and neither will you because no one seems to care) but I do know its NOT because he is controlled by Satan.

4. This has NOTHING to do with abortion or 'the culture of death.' If you connect the two, you're an idiot. This question of feeding tubes is played out many times every day and it doesn't make national news. Why? BECAUSE IT HAS NO RIGHT TO. My own father had to make the excruciating decision not to put a feeding tube in his mother. He also had to decide NOT to amputate her gangrenous (if that isn't a word it should be) legs just to keep her alive a little longer. Just a day or two after, she died, we all had the chance to be there with her, and it was the RIGHT DECISION.

5. The bible says NOTHING about euthanasia. I'm no biblical scholar, so feel free to comment if you think I'm wrong, but all the nut-jobs quoting stuff never come up with anything that isn't EXTREMELY vague. And if you say this is because euthanasia wasn't around back then- seriously grow up. Its not new, hell even abortion has been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years.

There, now don't you feel smarter?

Note: this contains more 'colorful' language than my other posts, and for a reason.

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Adidas smart shoe I'm sure you've been annoyed by this commercial EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK (which is sad, because it is a good commercial the FIRST 20 times you see it) So I googled to find out what it was... Apparently it falls under the heading of 'everyday stuff we can now slap a microchip in and charge 3x more for'

Sunday, March 27, 2005

mmm pagan

So I'm laying in bed last nite and I realized.

Easter is the spring holliday, oh-so-close to the spring equinox, where the sun- er I mean Son, rises from the dead and begins life anew, with classic images of bunnies (who are known for their spring activities) and new flowers.

Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side kid.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


well the last post worked as well as I expected. just 1 mystery married woman.

On another note. An online friend of mine arrived in Tokyo for a week this morning, having me consider seppukku.

He was using some horrible ad filled image host to host pics, so instead I gave him space on this site. and thats the link of the day. If you love Japan, and especially if youve been there before and are too broke to go back like me, enjoy the self torture I do.

Links of the day!

Toro in tokyo
Not TOO much there at the moment, but I think he'll be updating daily.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Personal ad?

So, while offline, I had lots of time to think and read and realize just how crappy TV really is.

One of the things I thought about, is (well, one of anyway) the reason(s) I'm single.

I'm a vegetarian, conservative, non-Christian, computer geek who likes to party and hates 99.5% of American popular culture (.5% being NFL, but I'm not obsessive, just like watching the games)

As if those weren't enough contradictions, I live in southern California, and really don't care if I drive a BMW/Mercedes/whatever's popular this week or care about wearing the latest fashions or have the money to throw around on them like everyone else here seems to do. Hell, currently I'm barely employed, tho looking for a new job, and STILL living with the 'rents.

So in this age of digital life, probably the one thing I reject is personal ads. Still, the thought has crossed my mind occasionally.

So, I thought I'd try one, in the least public place possible...

namely, here.

But with all of the above, why the hell WOULD anyone want me?

Well, I'm kind, (*watches net friends laugh*) generous, funny (ok, that's often debatable..) and honest. (sometimes to a fault) I like people, and tho I can sometimes take a bit to warm up, I really shine when I have. I'm no Adonis, but I try to keep myself as close to 'in shape' as possible and people are often supprized by how strong I am.

What do I want?

Someone free spirited, funny, interesting, someone with a head on her shoulders (eh- ya, no guys thx.) but not some boring intellectual. Body? Well my friends have all sorts of theories on what 'type' I like but I mostly confound them. What I like is a girl that keeps herself moderately in shape. (not afraid of a girl who could kick my ass but don't expect me to have a 6-pack outside of my fridge) I always say, I like sexy, but its cute that gets me everytime. Mostly I like someone who looks unique, not the cookie-cutter blonde or the stereotypical 'mysterious brunette.'

So anyway, if by some amazing chance you're reading this, in the area (amazing x2) and interested, (amazing x3) I consider that fate don't you? Drop me a comment below.

Links of the day!

just one, but a real gem
Webcollage this is insanely cool. A robot randomly searches the internet and makes collages out of pics it finds. There CAN be adult material so kiddies beware. But it really is just cool. I found it when I saw in the logs they hit my site, man I woulda liked to see that.

Friday, March 18, 2005

boku wa doko

For those of you coming here wondering if I died, yes, I did.

the digital me anyway., my oh-so-capeable ISP died in the middle of the night on monday. Took me till tuesday afternoon to figure it out because I happened to be re-installing my router when it died, so I thought it was my fault.

Called them, and did the usual monkey dance ("reboot the router" "oh thanks I never thought of that!" "is the cable light on?" "no dumbass thats why i called you") and they decided to send someone right out at their earliest possible time

Next monday......

assholes, why do I pay you again? This week shal be free when Im done with them. No reason to pay for NO SERVICE.

so thats the story, those of you who have my # can contact me that way.

Links of the day? theyre on my real computer.... im on AOL DIAL UP right now....

Monday, March 14, 2005


As I sit here, eating cookies and ice cream with magic shell, and wondering how I re-gained ten pounds, I thought I'd say...


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This is so funny and Im such a bad person someones a marketing genius, or using the above link for hiring
techie blog this guy puts macs in cars.. I cant tell if thats a good thing

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hypnotic suggestion

Well lets see, whats new.

A couple months ago, I signed up for an Audible account. I get two (audio) books a month for $20, which is a very nice addition to my ipod. My only gripe with audible is the website, which is horrid. Dont get me wrong, its very easy and intuitive to navigate. But its all java and java sucks.

1st, I painfully discovered that if I give anyone a link, they ARE LOGGED IN AS ME! Can you say incredibly stupid? Good way to get word of mouth purchaces idiots.
2nd, the site loads at one width then shrinks to another, giving one a headache when trying to begin to read a page.
3rd, you cant open in new windows, because java sucks. Making you constanly hit forward and back.
That all being said (and seriously audible, fix it you idiots) its very easy to navigate and has a great selection. Especially if you have an ipod, I suggest you browse their selection to see if its what you like (they have a great selection but limited categories, afterall audio isnt the best way to say, learn programing.)

Anyway, on a whim I decided to get a hypnotic suggestion book, always wanted to check that out. Listened to it in bed last nite and as he was 'dropping me down' I kept thinking "My mind isnt clearing, I still am thinking of other things, this isnt going to work, suck.."

Then I woke up. No idea what the tape said, but I did wake up at the end of it (Probably the classic "you will now wake up refreshed.. etc") and today I've been much busier than my average Saturday afternoon. I finished a book on Japanese. Making Sense of Japanese (formerly Gone Fishing) Short, but a major acomplishment since I almost never read more than 1/3rd of books.

In other news.

I (FINALLY) got my free TV! Thats right, works, albeit very slow. Had a manager apologize to me himself, he blamed Sony, who knows. Point is I got it, now I just need a new video card so it can replace my current tv. You see my current tv has a VGA in, and I use it with a computer for all sorts of fun ^^

What else. Its spring break, but as little as I have to do lately I barely notice. This weekend is rather quiet and Im happy about it, got things I want to do besides party. Jeannine is planning on spending the whole week on the beach drunk, which she constantly says to other people 'ya eD wont be there because he hates the beach.' I havent argued, I dont hate it nearly as much as she seems to think I do but oh well, no need to correct or I'm inviting myself. Besides I'm very much in get-things-done mode.

Finally, two items of website news.
Nanaka Crash is rediculously popular, I may have to remove it for a few days at the end of the month. Its the 13th and I've use 14/40gb of bandwith. 90% on the game itself because the rest of my site is useless.
Thatguy (link on right) coded a quotes database for the irc chanel I hang out in, and I offered to host it. go check it out. But understand its for comedy only, we're not nearly as bad as our quotes may make us seem ^^;;

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Death by internet

Well well well. Remember that Nanaka Crash game I told you all about? and how the japanese like to ban popular things from international users and so I put it on my site? Well, a friend posted me to a few message boards it seems. The result is..

bandwith fun
(click for full rez)

Wow I'm popular! Nice to be wanted, I just hope my bandwith holds out. I get 40gb/month. Im gonna keep an eye on it and if it gets near the top I'll remove it till the end of the month, but the trend seems to be just under the wire...

The game is quite fun- go play why dont you?

Links of the day!

Once again theyve been backing up, so enjoy special bonus links!
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ebonics!Since someone bugged me about a tiny detal in the last post, I submit this with impunity.
Y2K just wasnt a big enough flop...
Submitted as a free public service The perfect thing after all those dirty things you look at on the internet. (and yes, this is clea, its the definition of clean ^_^)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Quick quips

Ok, no more huge posts, just a quick rundown.

Tues- emailed teacher telling her im LOST in japanese, shes incredibly nice, wants to do everything possible to help all her students. Worries its her, I told her I'm just stupid.

Wed- dinner and a movie (Cursed- save your money) with Jeannine. Sometimes its scarry how much it seems like were dating. Was smiling back and forth with a really cute blonde at the bar, but I'm a wuss, I'll take the small victory.

Thurs- er, school. not much else.

Fri- (today) ran around all day doing erands, most of it was driving around lost cuz noone puts addresses on their buildings here- but I'm a liscenced (grr sp) driver again!!! YAY!! While at the DMV (not as painful as I thought) I saw probably the hottest black woman (gah do I have to qualify that? Shes black, I'm orange, its all good damnit.) I've ever seen. Jet black with a BEAUTIFUL face and nice body, real short hair. She caught me lookin on the way out so I winked at her and she smiled. Another small (yes pitiful) victory.

Not sure what else. May be a boring weekend, who knows. Thats ok. I got a job interview monday!

Links of the day!

Apple Product life cycle I like making fun of Apple, but this goes for a lot of things with geeks, especially games.
History Lesson I found this quite cool. The middle has the good stuff so feel free to skip around. I still think if only they made it 'Frog Fries' it would have caught on.
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