Monday, March 21, 2005

Personal ad?

So, while offline, I had lots of time to think and read and realize just how crappy TV really is.

One of the things I thought about, is (well, one of anyway) the reason(s) I'm single.

I'm a vegetarian, conservative, non-Christian, computer geek who likes to party and hates 99.5% of American popular culture (.5% being NFL, but I'm not obsessive, just like watching the games)

As if those weren't enough contradictions, I live in southern California, and really don't care if I drive a BMW/Mercedes/whatever's popular this week or care about wearing the latest fashions or have the money to throw around on them like everyone else here seems to do. Hell, currently I'm barely employed, tho looking for a new job, and STILL living with the 'rents.

So in this age of digital life, probably the one thing I reject is personal ads. Still, the thought has crossed my mind occasionally.

So, I thought I'd try one, in the least public place possible...

namely, here.

But with all of the above, why the hell WOULD anyone want me?

Well, I'm kind, (*watches net friends laugh*) generous, funny (ok, that's often debatable..) and honest. (sometimes to a fault) I like people, and tho I can sometimes take a bit to warm up, I really shine when I have. I'm no Adonis, but I try to keep myself as close to 'in shape' as possible and people are often supprized by how strong I am.

What do I want?

Someone free spirited, funny, interesting, someone with a head on her shoulders (eh- ya, no guys thx.) but not some boring intellectual. Body? Well my friends have all sorts of theories on what 'type' I like but I mostly confound them. What I like is a girl that keeps herself moderately in shape. (not afraid of a girl who could kick my ass but don't expect me to have a 6-pack outside of my fridge) I always say, I like sexy, but its cute that gets me everytime. Mostly I like someone who looks unique, not the cookie-cutter blonde or the stereotypical 'mysterious brunette.'

So anyway, if by some amazing chance you're reading this, in the area (amazing x2) and interested, (amazing x3) I consider that fate don't you? Drop me a comment below.

Links of the day!

just one, but a real gem
Webcollage this is insanely cool. A robot randomly searches the internet and makes collages out of pics it finds. There CAN be adult material so kiddies beware. But it really is just cool. I found it when I saw in the logs they hit my site, man I woulda liked to see that.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm married so sorry can't actually reply to your ad =( But if I were ever to become single again I'd buy you a drink or a few and gladly partake of what ever happened after that ;> We probably wouldn't get serious for very long but we'd sure have fun as a fling!

Gawd I'm such a terrible tease.

You better know who this is...

eD said...

hmm i 1der who that was....

and why theyd want to remain annonomous....

hmm teases that are married and i can only have short flings with....


Anonymous said...

And think... even with all the flinging around, we some how manage to maintain friendship. What a dream come true!

eD said...

I guess only married girls want me.