Sunday, March 06, 2005

Death by internet

Well well well. Remember that Nanaka Crash game I told you all about? and how the japanese like to ban popular things from international users and so I put it on my site? Well, a friend posted me to a few message boards it seems. The result is..

bandwith fun
(click for full rez)

Wow I'm popular! Nice to be wanted, I just hope my bandwith holds out. I get 40gb/month. Im gonna keep an eye on it and if it gets near the top I'll remove it till the end of the month, but the trend seems to be just under the wire...

The game is quite fun- go play why dont you?

Links of the day!

Once again theyve been backing up, so enjoy special bonus links!
Microsoft, what would we do without you? ^^ I humbly request no one use any of these ever again.
Oh Microsoft! how we love the! Part 2.
ebonics!Since someone bugged me about a tiny detal in the last post, I submit this with impunity.
Y2K just wasnt a big enough flop...
Submitted as a free public service The perfect thing after all those dirty things you look at on the internet. (and yes, this is clea, its the definition of clean ^_^)

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