Saturday, March 05, 2005

Quick quips

Ok, no more huge posts, just a quick rundown.

Tues- emailed teacher telling her im LOST in japanese, shes incredibly nice, wants to do everything possible to help all her students. Worries its her, I told her I'm just stupid.

Wed- dinner and a movie (Cursed- save your money) with Jeannine. Sometimes its scarry how much it seems like were dating. Was smiling back and forth with a really cute blonde at the bar, but I'm a wuss, I'll take the small victory.

Thurs- er, school. not much else.

Fri- (today) ran around all day doing erands, most of it was driving around lost cuz noone puts addresses on their buildings here- but I'm a liscenced (grr sp) driver again!!! YAY!! While at the DMV (not as painful as I thought) I saw probably the hottest black woman (gah do I have to qualify that? Shes black, I'm orange, its all good damnit.) I've ever seen. Jet black with a BEAUTIFUL face and nice body, real short hair. She caught me lookin on the way out so I winked at her and she smiled. Another small (yes pitiful) victory.

Not sure what else. May be a boring weekend, who knows. Thats ok. I got a job interview monday!

Links of the day!

Apple Product life cycle I like making fun of Apple, but this goes for a lot of things with geeks, especially games.
History Lesson I found this quite cool. The middle has the good stuff so feel free to skip around. I still think if only they made it 'Frog Fries' it would have caught on.
Firefox news The browser I hate to hate.

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