Friday, March 18, 2005

boku wa doko

For those of you coming here wondering if I died, yes, I did.

the digital me anyway., my oh-so-capeable ISP died in the middle of the night on monday. Took me till tuesday afternoon to figure it out because I happened to be re-installing my router when it died, so I thought it was my fault.

Called them, and did the usual monkey dance ("reboot the router" "oh thanks I never thought of that!" "is the cable light on?" "no dumbass thats why i called you") and they decided to send someone right out at their earliest possible time

Next monday......

assholes, why do I pay you again? This week shal be free when Im done with them. No reason to pay for NO SERVICE.

so thats the story, those of you who have my # can contact me that way.

Links of the day? theyre on my real computer.... im on AOL DIAL UP right now....

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