Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The essence of Humor

Humor is one of those very elusive things. It is not easily defined, nor is it easy to point out why many things are funny.

However, today an online friend of mine Zain sent me a link that hits funny dead on. It is George Takei's (Mr Sulu from the original Star Trek, and no I am not a Trekkie) response to the anti-homosexual comments by Tim Hardaway. Apparently this was on ABC somewhere but I dont really watch much tv so I dont know what show or why.

Anyway, watch The video before you read more.

The response hits directly at the suposedly secret fears that someone like Tim Hardaway has to make such statements. Mind you I do not believe all 'homophobes' are secretly gay, but there is a level of vigor that Hardaway took it to that makes you wonder.

They didnt even make one joke about his name. I mean, comeon 'Hardaway'....

I'm sure one day soon this video will be pulled making this post worthless, but get it while you can. It's damn worth it.

In other news, suddenly as of today many things are brewing in my life. But I want to wait another day or two to see how they flesh out before I report....

Links of the day!

Speaking of humor... This guy went to jail for it.
Ever wonder what the heck 'Nintendo' means? Find out here.
Apparently Alabama prefers the traditional way of doing things... aka use a relative.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SUPERBOWL & Effort Rewarded

Well, my beloved Bears lost the superbowl rather disappointingly on Sunday. The offence was non-existent and people are saying the defense didn't play well, however I think considering the defense was out there THE WHOLE GAME they did a great job as tired as they must have been. I still can't believe they let a dome team beat them in bad weather.

In other news, I got a letter from my school. It seems 12 years of College education finally paid off, I have an Associates in Science: Cisco emphasis. Which is funny because I took the classes but basically remember nothing about the Cisco IOS because I never use it.

Life has been running me down a bit lately, work-school-work-school repeat. Oh well, just got to do it.

Links of the day!

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection I am sure this has been everywhere by now, but it is really eye opening. A must-read for any computer enthusiast.
The 300 Club It never ceases to amaze me the new and exciting ways humans conceive to kill themselves. I would die in the sauna....
The history of video games Wow, someone has too much time on their hands, and I thank them for it.