Saturday, April 30, 2005


I want to be the first to bring this to you. Life has been discovered on Mars.

No other site will tell you such relevant and important information. Why? Because they lack vision, the kind of vision only growing up in the 80's can bring you.

You see, Link is lost on Mars. I can only theorize as to how this happened, but the valiant yet unfortunate elf boy has apparently had a malfunction of his flute, and is now wandering Mars endlessly trying to find his way home.

Dont believe me huh? I'm not supprized, it is incredible. But I have visual evidence!
And not just one, but two!

I was unable to reach Nintendo for a response, mostly because my Japanese sucks and I didnt try. (but mostly the first)

This irrefutable evidence comes from NASA itself. Just look at the URL in your browser for proof. I hereby swear under oath to your god that this is factual, and once again remember, you heard it here first.

Links of the day!

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