Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thursday the 12th vs Friday the 13th

So I had this Japanese class end of semester party thing to go to, and didnt want to brave it alone. Not that its horrible, just nice to have a backup plan.

So Wednesday I asked my friend Jeannine on a 'date' because everyone thinks we're dating anyway. She turned me down cuz she had plans with her man.

Thurs afternoon she calls me and she wants to go, man issues (not describing them :P) have her free. So its a date...

and if anything was ever a first date, I this was.

As much as I love lots of aspects of Japanese culture, me being a vegitarian and theirs being a sea-faring nation means I cant eat 90% of their food. So we went to Typhoon (mmm lettuce wraps) 1st.

As I get off the freeway, my car starts steaming profusely, yay. I joked with her I will now do the typical man thing and open the hood and stare at all the crap that I have NO CLUE to its function. Well this one was obvious, as I opened the hood the now trickle of steam was comming out of the GAPING crack in the top of the radiatior. Whatever, we ate, we shal deal with it afterwards, car can cool down anyway.

Of course getting the fabled lettuce wraps (and no I dont have any clue how to spell lettuce nor will I spell check it) the 1st one bursts all over my shirt. Wheee. Well, we'll be switching cars anyway I can switch shirts.

So we go back to my car and I put a 20 bottle of water into an empty radiator (I'm such a mechanic!!) and gingerly drive back to Jeannines to switch cars. From there we stop at my house to switch shirts (me switching mine, not us trading :P) and head off.

The dinner was pretty fun, despite bad service. (We had the 'white corner' and there was a marked difference.) Most of my interaction was with Jeannine tho, and we ditched the after-dinner kareoke. Grabbed a coffee and complained about our problems in life and then back to her house to talk a lil more (just that :P) and bail. Had to stop 3x on a 5 min drive home for my poor car.

So to recap, that was 2 cars, 2 shirts, 2 restraunts. (and prob at least 2lb more on my gut)

FRI- Ok, I hid, got my car fixed (new radiator cha-cha-cha and as a side note JIFFYLUBE SUCKS) (thats not where I got the work done tho) and just hung out at home (trapped) and played the FMA PS2 game I downlo.. er got the other day.

I did test my luck a bit, I pointed a hand mirror at my bathroom mirror. Read in a manga (Urasei Yatsura translated) that a devil was supposed to pop out if mirrors were pointed at eachother on Fri 13th. Obviously nothing happened.

But thats it. I think Fri wins.

Todays Sun, but its only 3 hrs into it so I have no verdict. Yesterday was my sister Andreas birthday but I wont see her till her Masters degree graduation next sat (gift ideas anyone?) Yesterday was pretty cool, put the new tape drive in my main clients server and all went well, and I'm just getting home from Scott callin me up at ~11:30pm to come hang out.

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it, not that you care.

Links of the day!

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